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Recommended by vets across the UK & Ireland


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nutrahoof is specifically formulated for horses with weak, cracked and brittle hooves. It contains very high levels of Biotin and other natural ingredients to improve elasticity and hoof growth.

  • Builds strong, healthy hooves
  • Helps support hoof growth
  • For weak, cracked and brittle hooves
  • Aids comfort
  • High strength formula

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Key benefits of nutrahoof

Builds strong healthy hooves

As they bear a large proportion of your horse’s weight, strong and healthy hooves are crucial to support them throughout their life. Despite being tough and resilient, keeping your horse’s hooves healthy can ensure they enjoy a better quality of life.

Highest quality ingredients

nutrahoof only contains the highest quality natural ingredients. All raw materials are both ethical and sustainable. nutrahoof does not contain any animal derived ingredients.

High strength formula

nutrahoof provides a novel and natural alternative for equine hoof care by providing a unique high strength formula to support horses hooves.

Recommended by Vets across the UK & Ireland 

nutrahoof can be purchased over the counter without a prescription from nutravet Authorised Veterinary Practices across the UK and Ireland, even if your pet is not registered at the practice.  Find your local authorised stockist here..

Guaranteed label claim

nutrahoof is manufactured to pharmaceutical grade standards and tested for the purity of ingredients at the raw material stage and the final completed product stage to guarantee the stated label claim and product quality.

Scientifically and independently proven ingredients


Biotin is a Vitamin B coenzyme involved in two major keratinisation processes within the epidermal cells of the hoof. Keratinisation is vital for hoof elasticity and high tensile strength. Biotin supplemented at supra-optimal levels produces a +15% higher midline growth, which results in the faster growing out of lesions. If a horse requires Biotin it is recommended they stay on it for life to maintain improved hoof condition.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vitamin which helps slow cellular aging. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that aids the hoof’s own natural anti-inflammatory processes.


Zinc helps to prevent the destruction of keratin and is involved in the health and integrity of the hoof. Studies on groups of horses with poor hoof horn quality have shown lower Zinc blood and hoof levels than those horses with normal feet. This may be due to individual Zinc absorption, metabolism, or retention abnormalities.

Echinacea purpurea  

A traditional herb also known as the Purple Cone Flower has been used for centuries to aid immunity. Echinacea also has significant antioxidant properties which aid a horses natural anti-inflammatory processes.


Methionine is an important amino acid and a source of sulphur that is an important building block of healthy connective tissues, such as collagen and keratin.

Each 10g scoop contains:

  • 75mg - Biotin (99% Pure) 
  • 100mg - Zinc as Picolinate (99% Pure)
  •  250mg - Zinc as Sulphate (99% Pure)
  • 2500mg - DL Methionine (99% Pure) 
  • 100mg - Vitamin E 
  • 5g - Echinacea 



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