Probiotics for dogs and cats

Probiotics for dogs and cats

There are many probiotics for dogs on the market so it is important to understand what makes a good quality dog probiotic and why maintaining the balance of a pet's gut helps their overall health.

probiotics for dogsThe intestinal tract is the organ in the body that digests and absorbs food. It's populated by trillions of bacteria that keep your dog healthy. These bacteria can be affected by a number of aspects and bad bacteria can flourish and multiply extremely quickly. This is a common reason for dogs getting an upset tummy and may result in frequent runny or loose stools, loss of appetite, excessive flatulence and marked lethargy.

Why do you need probiotics for dogs?

Probiotics are living organisms that are found naturally in foods such as yoghurt. They are known as ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria as they compete for space and fight against bad bacteria and prevent them from settling in the gut. Probiotics for pets can have a positive effect on a dog’s digestive system. They are often used to naturally bind toxins in the gut to maintain natural gut digestion. They help to promote friendly bacteria within your pet’s gut, as well as replenish the natural balance of gut bacteria and improve their stool consistency.

Research has shown that enterococcus faecium helps to normalise faecal consistency. Enterococcus faecium is a gram-positive lactus acid bacteria belonging to the genus Enteroccus. E.faecium has long been recognised for its benefits and is widely used around the world in probiotics for dogs.

Why nutrabio is the best probiotic for dogs

nutrabio is a naturally formulated, veterinary strength paste for dogs and cats, developed with a high strength composition of probiotic bacteria, Prebiotics, Sweet Basil and Kaolin, which combine to help normalise digestive function and support digestive balance. This is achieved by increasing the number of beneficial friendly bacteria that dominate the gut, and by binding the harmful bacteria and toxins, which are then removed from the gut.

The high strength nutrabio formula administers 4 billion enterococcus faecium cells per 2ml dose to support the gut’s own healthy bactiera and boost the immune system. This ensures rapid intestinal stabilisation. nutrabio contains the highest quality natural ingredients. All raw materials are both ethical and sustainable and nutrabio does not contain any animal derived ingredients.

If you’re looking for a probiotic for dogs and cats then nutrabio is highly recommended by thousands of vets throughout the UK and Ireland as a high-strength natural digestive support.


Natural support for digestive function


  • Helps maintain digestive function
  • Increases good bacteria
  • Replenishes natural balance of gut bacteria
  • Binds toxins
  • Improves stool consistency
  • Highly palatable natural formula
  • Reduces flatulence

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Veterinary strength natural probiotic capsule with Vitamin B12


  • High strength probiotic to aid recovery
  • Quickly increases the number of friendly bacteria
  • Fast acting support of gut microflora
  • Aids long-term gastrointestinal health & gut function
  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Competitive exclusion of pathogens
  • Supports Vitamin B12 serum levels
  • Boosts appetite & energy levels
  • Easy to administer sprinkle capsules

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