Top tips to maintain optimum joint health for your cat

Top tips to maintain optimum joint health for your cat

Maintaining optimum joint health for your cat is key if they are going to live a happy and healthy life. Cat owners often mistake joint stiffness for their cat simply getting older.

Although cats do usually get joint stiffness more as they get older, there are other reasons for this to happen. If your cat is overweight or has a broken bone or trauma, this could reduce mobility. During the colder months, joint stiffness will appear more apparent, as the cold can aggravate joints. As a cat owner you will be able to understand and spot behavioural change in your cat, but there are common signs to look out for which include:

  • A reluctance to jump up on furniture or struggle to go up stairs.
  • You may notice that they sleep more and play or go out less.
  • Your cat may not groom themself as much as usual.
  • They may be irritable when handled.
  • Your cat may find it hard to get into a comfortable position when sleeping.

To help with your cat’s mobility and to ensure they maintain a healthy life, there are positive things you can do, which include:

Visit your vet regularly

This will ensure that your cat’s joints can be monitored. Your vet will also be able to advise the best course of action moving forward, as they are the best resource to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your cat. Ask your vet about using a high-quality joint supplement such as nutraquin+, which can help to maintain healthy joint function for your cat.

Managing their weight

If your cat is overweight this could cause unnecessary strain on their joints. Weight gain is a major aggravating factor for joints, so it’s important to keep a check on your cat’s weight to ensure this stays at a normal level and doesn’t add any unwanted pressure to their joints. Feed your cat a good quality diet to prevent any unnecessary weight gain.

Key nutrients

Boswellia extract is a natural alternative to support your cat's natural systems that control inflammation and helps to aid mobility, flexibility and supports joint structure. Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulphate, are also essential for maintaining healthy joints.

Move food bowls

If your cat is usually fed on a high surface, move their food and water bowl to a more accessible place, so that they do not have to jump up to get it. Also make sure that they have easy access to their litter tray, which they may struggle to get in and out of.


Make sure your cat has a warm and comfy place to sleep with plenty of bedding. Extra bedding could be used to add padding around sore joints. Move their bed from a cold floor to a warm carpeted room, as the cold surface could aggravate them. You cat may seek out warm spots around the house to soothe joints, so you could move their bed close to radiators or warm spots to help.


Your cat needs an appropriate amount of exercise to keep their joints mobile. It is important to maximise the range of movement and fitness of the muscles around the joints. Slow and gentle play can be helpful but should be introduced gradually. Try to avoid any vigorous play sessions that involve leaping, jumping or turning.


If their joints are especially stiff, your cat may not be able to reach certain areas to groom or they could stop grooming altogether. You could help by brushing your cat, which will also help to keep their coat shiny and healthy.


To help maintain your cat’s joint health and mobility, consult your vet, who is best placed to offer advice and the best course of action. Ask your vet about using a high-quality joint supplement such as nutraquin+, which is specifically formulated to help to maintain healthy joint function for your cat. Find out more about nutraquin+.




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