Biotin for dogs and cats

Biotin for dogs and catbiotin for dogs

Biotin for dogs and cats is important for maintaining healthy skin, coat and nails.

Biotin supplements can aid a dog with dry skin, which is a common reason for pet owners to take their dog or cat to visit the vets. Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin also called vitamin B and formally known, as vitamin H, which your dog cannot manufacture themselves. Biotin is one of the most important nutrients in the body, it maintains healthy connective tissue, which holds the body together. It is essential for the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, as well as for cell formation and assists with the metabolism of proteins.

Biotin plays a large role in maintaining healthy skin and hair, as well as playing an important role in growth, digestion, muscle formation and in enabling the body to use glucose as an energy source. D-biotin synthesises fatty acids and is important for maintaining healthy skin, coat and nails. 

Key benefits of biotin for dogs and cats

  • Healthy skin
  • Liver and nervous system health
  • Strengthens nails
  • Brain health
  • Boosts energy & mood.

The best biotin for dogs

Pet supplements containing biotin are regularly used to support and maintain skin and coat health in dogs and cats. They are commonly combined with key ingredients such as Omega 3 for dogs and cats, which work in the skin to aid the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory processes. d-biotin is a key ingredient for nutramega.

nutramega contains Omega 3s EPA and DHA fatty acids from fish oil and combined with d-biotin and vitamin E works synergistically to sooth dry, flaky skin and reduce itching and scratching. nutramega provides high strength nutritional support for maintaining healthy skin and a glossy coat by supporting the animal’s natural systems that control inflammation.

If you are looking for a biotin for dogs and cats supplement or a supplement for itchy dogs, then nutramega is recommended by vets throughout the UK.





Natural support for healthy skin & a glossy coat

  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Soothes dry, flaky skin
  • Reduces itching and scratching
  • Strengthens brittle nails
  • Aids comfort and the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory processes

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