What is nutramed?

can help:

• Pets that struggle to tolerate NSAIDS
• Elderly pets with multiple health issues
• Support the later stages of Osteoarthritis
• Healthy Liver function
• Pets with high renal parameters

• Support Pancreatitis



nutramed naturally supports inflammatory conditions in dogs & cats and provides multiple benefits for: Joints, Soft Tissues and Liver Function

Within the past 10 years, advancements in the understanding of pain physiology and the introduction of much safer natural alternatives to drugs, have considerably improved the management of the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes.

nutramed has been specifically formulated to provide nutraceutical multimodal support for joints, soft tissues and liver function as part of a customised plan for your pet. Increasingly, nutraceuticals are playing a beneficial multimodal role in speeding recovery. Specific ingredients in nutramed have a historical use and recent scientific studies confirm their benefit in maintaining musculoskeletal health and improving liver function. 

nutramed is a 100% natural nutritional support product with multimodal applications.

The unique nutramed phyto-complex formula incorporates a synergistic combination of plant extracts that are particularly useful for supporting the animals’ natural systems that control inflammation in dogs and cats. nutramed supplementation is particularly beneficial for animals whose systems may struggle to tolerate non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).


What makes nutramed so unique:



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