nutraren - for dogs & cats - 90 capsules

NEW - The next generation in renal support

nutraren’s synergistic combination of natural ingredients including high purity Omega-3s, aid renal function, bind toxins in the gut and support an animal’s quality of life.

  • Supports healthy renal function
  • Helps support long-term kidney health
  • Aids healthy kidney function
  • Helps bind toxins in the gut
  • Helps maintain kidney architecture
  • Palatable and easy to administer
  • High purity Omega-3s from fish oils
  • For cats & dogs

High purity Omega-3s (EPA and DHA) from fish oil can have beneficial effects on supporting the animal’s natural systems that control inflammation and supporting a better quality of life.

Derived from the red seaweed Lithothamnium calcareum with its porous honeycomb structure has exceptional Calcium bioavailability and helps support renal function.

Chitosan from Icelandic shrimp shells, binds toxins in the digestive tract which helps to aid and maintain kidney loading.

Vitamin E
Natural Vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopherol) acts as an antioxidant and helps to support natural blood pressure


Key benefits of nutraren

Multi-action formula

Kidneys play an important role including filtering waste products, controlling osmolality and regulating blood pressure. The kidneys also keep both phosphate and calcium at healthy levels. nutraren contains a unique combination of Omega-3s, toxin binders and antioxidants that naturally help to support long-term renal function.

Aids blood flow to the kidneys

nutraren contributes to the maintenance of blood pressure and optimises blood triglyceride levels to support long-term kidney health.

Natural antioxidant properties

The natural ingredients within nutraren include Vitamin E and Chitosan antioxidants which help to keep free radicals in check and maintain renal architecture and function.

Highest quality ingredients 

nutraren helps bind toxins in the gut, which prevents them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. This helps aid healthy blood flow into the kidneys where a stable balance of body chemicals can be achieved and waste products and excess fluid from the body are removed.

Recommended by Vets across the UK & Ireland 

nutravet products are recommended by thousands of vets across the UK and Ireland. As the UK’s only 100% vet exclusive nutraceutical brand it is the first choice liver supplement for vets because of its unique and fast acting formula. 

Available over the counter at authorised veterinary practices

nutraren can be purchased over the counter without a prescription from Authorised Veterinary Practices across the UK and Ireland, even if your pet is not registered at the practice. nutraren is available exclusively through Veterinary practices, it cannot be purchased online. - Find your local authorised stockist here.

How to administer

Each capsule to be administered either whole by mouth or pierced and contents of capsules squeezed onto or into your pets usual food.

For optimal benefit use continuously or as recommended by your veterinary surgeon. 

Type Body weight (kgs) Capsules per day
Cat 0-4.99 1
S/B dog 5-9.99 2
S/B dog 10-14.99 3
M/B-L/B dog 15+ 3+

*Add 1 additional capsule for every 5Kg over 15Kg



For Batch No. and expiry date see foil pack within.


Storage: Do not store below 5ºc or above 25ºc.

Keep out of direct sunlight.



For Batch No. and expiry date see foil pack within.


Each capsule contains:

207mg - Total Omega 3’s (from purified fish oils) 

96mg - EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 

62mg - DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 

32mg - Calcium (Lithothamnion calcareum) 

50mg - Chitosan 

10mg - Vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopherol)

Where to buy

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