Pet owner testimonials

Some feedback from pet owners who are using our products:

"I had not realised just how affective nutraquin+ was until I stopped using it for my dogs and saw the difference. Needless to say I put my dogs straight back on it. I feel very reassured by the fact that it is made from natural products and I can boost with nutramed as my dogs age if needed. This is a really great product."

Clare Johnson

"My dog was involved in an accident nearly two years ago. After mentioning to his vet that he seemed a little stiff and was struggling when he first got up, she recommended nutraquin+, and oh my goodness what a difference. He is much more mobile and does not seem to be as stiff. People have commented on how different he is, since he started taking nutraquin+. He is bouncing about like a much younger dog, I can highly recommend this product."

Jane Porter

"My 10 year old Patterdale was put on nutraquin+ and within six weeks we saw a huge difference in her mobility, to the point where we have had to increase her exercise and play to tire her. It's the best supplement we have used and really good value for money."

Katherine Maling


"My 10 year old Ridgeback was on nutramed for a few years and it dramatically improved the quality of her life. Sadly, my vet ran out and we couldn’t get any from the other vets, and this had a big impact on my dog, who went downhill.  Her stomach problem got worse and the vet had to put her down in January. Even though the situation is sad, my point is that your product is marvellous. I recommend it to anyone I see in the park who has an old or stiff dog! Thank you."

Lucy Green

"Clyde was a rescue dog who lived on his nerves, but that changed when he was put on nutracalm. He was able to relax and enjoy life as a dog should. I lost him last year through illness, but nutracalm enabled his last years of life to be worry free. Would recommend. Here is a photo of Clyde letting a guide dog pup sleep next to him, which would never have happened prior to nutracalm."

Nancy Taylor

"Friday (Staffy) was prescribed nutramed following surgery to remove a mast cell tumour at the age of 11, and she was noticeably perkier on it so we kept her on it long-term. She had joint problems and didn't tolerate NSAIDs well. nutramed helped to keep her comfortable for as long as possible and supported her liver. She lived to the age of 15."

Lois Bennett


"My vet recommended the use of nutracalm for my dog for calming and reassurance when she has a long car journey! It certainly has the required effect, inasmuch as it keeps her calm and stops the car sickness that she suffers from even without feeding beforehand!"

Claire Chevin


"I use nutracys+ for my cat who needs support for urinary tract function, which cost me a fortune on vet bills. But nutracys+ helped and he is now ok and happy. I tried to stop them but his problem came back, so they definitely do the job, which nothing else did until then. Thank you for the support you provide!"

Dejana May


"I used nutraquin+ for my old dog who had terrible joints. They gave her a new lease of life and made her last few years comfortable and happy, so she could still play and go for little walks. Thank you."

Kelly Devoti

"My Westie is nearly 16 and he's been on nutraquin+ for about 2 years after I saw him limping. I cut his meals down to one portion a day, and no treats for a couple of months and it's as if he was eight again. He must have lost about a stone and he's so much happier."

John Jones

"We got nutracalm as our dog is terrified of fireworks. We had tried other products with not much success, but then came across the advert for nutracalm. I was able to get some from our vet and the difference in her was great, no panting, no shaking. I would recommend them to anyone with a nervous dog -worth every penny."

Sue Marjoram


"Our four year old Rottie Molly, was really struggling to walk and 18 months ago our neighbour gave us some nutraquin+, saying how their old dog had been more mobile while taking it. Molly was refusing to go on a walk at all by this point. I read the reviews and thought they were a bit over the top to be honest, but as the nutraquin+ was free I thought I may as well try it. Twenty-four hours later she wanted to go on a walk! We couldn't believe it.  She still has bad days, usually when she has over done it the day before, but we are convinced that she wouldn't be here without taking nutraquin+. I am a dog walker and I recommend this to any of the owners who's dogs are a bit stiff or older. Thank you for saving my fur baby."

Helen Bradwell

"We have a 7 year old Beagle called Bella. nutraquin+ was recommended to us by our vet and it’s worked a treat, Bella has these capsules daily and has got a new lease of life, with the help of Hydrotherapy. I would highly recommend nutraquin+!"

Siobhan Richardson


"I have used a couple of different nutravet products. My brown Shihtzu, Rolo has nutracalm, as he recently became scared of thunder storms and he also has the nutramega. Our little Chorkie, Hugo has the nutramega every so often to soothe his dry skin. And, our grey Shihtzu, Bailey also has the nutramega to help keep his lovely skin and hair in fantastic condition. We been thrilled with the outcome x excellent products and would highly recommended xx."

Angie Madison

"nutracalm has helped my JRT to relax more around the house and out and about, I've seen a more playful side of him that I haven't seen since he was a puppy. He now has the "zoomies" at least once a day everyday and it's a joy to watch, he is also getting along much better with our other dog and barking much less, as well as enjoying his walks and coping better with car rides. Thanks so much, we are thrilled our vet recommended this stuff."

Will Reid

"nutraquin+ has helped to get my Springer back to her normal self within days of starting to take it, after having a crucial operation back in june this year. I am so impressed with this product and have recommended it to my friend for their dogs who are struggling with the cold weather."

Miss Lindsey Sargent


"I've used nutraquin+ and nutramed for both of my dogs. It does a fantastic job of keeping them more active and comfortable. I also used nutracalm for my cat when moving house and we had no "accidents". I would definitely recommend your products."

Zoe Rivers


"I tried other calming products over the firework season with no hope of keeping Annie less anxious. My vet suggested nutracalm and WOW what a huge difference. Annie was chilled out but still aware of what was going on and settled so much quicker. Will never be without these in our house. Annie is a rescue Cockapoo/Labradoodle who lives on her nerves and is terrified of anyone and everything. Within half an hour of taking nutracalm she is chilled out and much more able to cope with the stresses that life throws at us, 100% recommend."

Laura Moore

"We have a 7 year old Black Labrador named Max. He was recently diagnosed with a back problem and we were recommended nutraquin+ by our vet. We have never looked back, they are excellent and they also work to relieve joint pain as Max gets older. Would recommend them highly!"

Mr Haydn Rigby

"Our male Bearded Collie Cross used to itch and nibble his fur on his legs, belly and hind quarters. After a few weeks of using nutramega his itching calmed down and after a couple of months he is now back to his usual self. His fur has grown back and he is not itching anymore."

Andrew Ramsey

"Sam is 14 years old and was diagnosed with joint problems about 5 years ago when he had a very severe limp. Our vet recommended nutraquin+ and to date his limp has got considerably better, so much so he can now run and play with our 3 year old dog. We are so pleased he can still enjoy life."

Carol Slim


"My dog has been on nutramega for quite sometime and it helps him immensely. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a dog with irritable skin and joint problems. It is a really effective product."

Heather Jones

"Blue, our 10 year old Collie has a daily dose of nutraquin+ to protect his older joints and Guy our 2 year old Working Cocker Spaniel has nutraquin to protect his young joints. Our boys love canicrossing and nutravet products help to look after them."

Susan Lee


"We have a X Racing Greyhound who is aprox 13 years old. She is on nutraquin+ and is not as stiff in her back legs. Vets for Pets at Launceston check her over every month to make sure there are no problems."

Mr N and Mrs J Ogden

"Really pleased with nutraquin+. Our beautiful boy Alfie was struggling to get on the sofa, yes he is allowed and he loves a snuggle. He was about 9 when we talked to our vet about our concerns and he recommended nutraquin+. It's amazing. Alfie has just had his 14th birthday and is doing well. He sleeps a lot and eats for England. So thank you for continuing to help our boy."

Mrs Jeanette Ross


"Bruce was put on nutramega to help with his allergies, he’s been on them a year now, and it’s like he’s a different dog. All of his fur has grown back and he is not scratching and biting at his paws as much! He happily has his capsules everyday and I can’t thank my vet and nutravet enough!"

Mari-Anne Crew


"nutramed really is a great product. I have been using it for several years for my dog who needs liver support. Very easy to give with no problems at all."

Louise Farrington



"My nearly 14 year old chocolate Labrador has intermittently had problems with her coat and skin and after a long period of antibiotics 2 years ago her skin was in poor condition. We put her on nutramega and she hasn't looked back and is regularly complimented on her coat condition when we are out walking."

Peter Rule

"If it wasn’t for nutraquin+ I would of lost my girl this year it has helped her 100 per cent with her legs."

Sonia Wells



"Hi I'm Robbie a Westie and I have a daily helping of nutramed and nutraquin+. My vet says they help me keep fit and active. I'm 13 and still chasing my dog friends around so I think he's right. I recommend nutramed to all my dog friends."

Roger Tilley

"My Staffie has been on nutraquin+ since she was 5 and is now 11 years old. Despite her increasingly knobbly joints, she can still run after a ball, which is her favourite thing to do, as well as chase pigeons and run up the stairs! I really don't think she would have got this far without this product as others I have tried have not helped her at all and she's deteriorated quickly. Can't recommend it enough."

Belinda Nicholas


"My older sisters Helen, who's a Ginger, aged 26 and Becky a Persian-type aged 22 noticed that, at 10 years, I started 'bunny-hopping' down the stairs; cute-looking but probably joint problems. Marina, our vet, and the team of nurses at Robin Hood Vets recommended nutraquin+ for joint support; half a capsule with my daily food (plus any spare chicken or sardine if I sweet talk and nag my Dad enough). That was 6 months ago in May 2017. Since then, no 'bunny-hopping'. Really!! From Piper."

Rod Cragg


"Jac is a brown Jack Russell and has been on nutraquin+ for about 3 years. He's 11 yrs old in Feb, fit as a fiddle and acts like a puppy. I call him my Peter Pan. Russ is a black, tan and white Jack Russell, is 2 years younger, very fit and we want him to stay that way, so we have started him on nutraquin+ also. I have also thought of sprinkling a pill now and again on my husband's dinners to spark a new lease of life into him. Have recommended it to quite a few friends."

Dorian Frank Hill


"We have a beloved twelve year old black Labrador who shattered his front leg and had to have metal pins when he was young. He suffers from painful joints everywhere especially in that leg and we give him nutraquin+ every day.  It has improved his mobility and quality of life so much."

Katy Huglin


"I noticed that Ruby was scratching constantly and there was no apparent reason for it, my vet recommended nutramega, as her skin was a little dry. Since using nutramega, her skin no longer looks dry and she no longer scratches herself constantly, one happy dog and one happy owner."



"Our Labrador has been taking nutraquin+ for 6 months. He now runs around and seems like a totally new dog. Thank you all. Please do not stop producing this excellent product."

Mrs Vera Perry



"nutraquin+ is brilliant, it has worked for all my working dogs, with any joint problems."

Mell Brooks 

"Esther our Boxer has been taking nutramega for several months and her coat condition is excellent, glossy with no skin irritations. Since she had surgery on both of her knees, we decided as part of her recuperation and ongoing support to use nutraquin+. Esther has made a full recovery and is back to her normal playful self."

Paul Littlewood 


"Would highly recommend nutraquin+. It has really helped my old Labrador who has stiff joints. I wouldn’t be without it for her creaky joints."

Debbie Daniels 

"We have had Honey since she was a puppy and she has joint problems. We did start on supplements but they didn't seem to work so our vet advised to try nutraquin+ which we did and they worked almost straight away. She is full of life and just loves her walks and playing with her favourite ball."

Mrs Westwood  


 "My yellow Lab suffered with dry, flaky and itchy skin and in turn she developed a red, sore tummy. She is much better now I give her two nutramega every day. She doesn't have dry, flaky skin now and her coat is soft and she doesn't itch anymore."

Carol Morley  



"I use nutracalm for my Chihuahua Norman. He suffers with separation anxiety and I find the capsules help to take the edge off his behaviour and make him more settled. Which makes me feel less anxious. We love it!"

Miss M Styles  



"nutraquin+ was recommended by our vet for our Golden Retriever. I looked at similar products and none have the same quality of dose as nutraquin+. I even take glucosamine and chrondroitin myself and the dog's capsules are better than mine."

Lee Ashcroft 

 "We are very pleased to say we have seen a real improvement in the mobility and general agility of Woody our ten year old chocolate Labrador since we started his daily dose of nutraquin+. Now he is always ready for a good walk. We would highly recommend this. Many thanks."

Brian J   


 "We've used nutraquin+ for about three years on our now retired agility dogs, a Border Collie and working Cocker Spaniel, who are both 13 years old. Both dogs had become very stiff in the hips. Within six weeks our two bouncy dogs were back and enjoying high level mountain walks again."

 John Walmsley  


"We chose nutraquin+ as a long-term solution. Within two weeks our Cocker Spaniel was a different boy, and now at the age of seven he still enjoys as much mobility as a puppy! We cannot recommend nutraquin+ highly enough, thank you for a life changing product."

 Clare Snow   


"I have used nutraquin+ in my 18 year old cat's food each morning for about a year now. I use half a capsule daily as recommended by our vet. We feel that this has helped support her joints and she is so much happier, always purring and still jumps on the furniture. As you can see she also doesn't look her age."

Susan Larsen


"Simply the best thing to happen to our dog Rubus. He is a new dog since starting on nutraquin+. I can’t praise it enough."

Judi Singer 

"We were advised by our vet to put our little Rescue Terrier on nutramega. Since she started taking it she has had no trouble  with her skin and her claws are hard as they should be. Recommend this highly."

Chris Young  



"I have been using nutraquin+ for a number of years for both my dogs. They have stiff joints and have worked hard as working dogs for a number of years. The Belgian Mali is almost eleven and Springer nearly ten. I have to say that nutraquin+ still allows them to be very active and playful. I fully recommend this product as a great aid for older dogs."

  Mick Brown 


"My dog Angus has been on nutraquin+ for a number of years. Before he got these capsules he could not jump around because his joints were sore, now at 20 years old and since taking nutraquin+ it gave him a new lease of life and he is a very happy wee dog."

Barbara McDonald 

"Our vet recomended nutraquin+ for our beautiful Terrier to aids stiff joints. Within a week we noticed a difference! She was about 10 years old then, she is now 12 and thinks she's a puppy! Yes, she has down days (don't we all), but she can still bound round the garden and go for half hour walks. nutraquin+ gave her a new lease of life, and we can't praise it high enough. Thank you."

Cheryl Staff 


"My Sheltie has a new lease of life since taking nutraquin+. Although he is still quite stiff, at 13 years old he is still keen on his walks."

Mrs P J Smith 

"My Border Collie has been on nutraquin+ for a few years now, recommended by our vet. It has worked wonders and we have much less episodes of stiffness and limping. It is particularly beneficial during the winter months when the cold effects her joints more."

 Leisa Boyle 


"My vet suggested nutramed to help support my Cocker Spaniel's liver. Toby has been taking one capsule daily for nearly 3 years and his blood tests show this is helping to support his liver. Toby is now 12 years old and very energetic and runs about like a 2 year old. I would certainly recommend it. Thank you."

Miss Patricia Pearl 

"Milo suffered with joint issues from a very young ageand was kept alive & happy due to long-term pain relief. He maintained a happy quality of life aided by nutramed for many years. He lived to the ripe old age of 15 and a half. He was much loved, by all, including our beloved vet, he is hugely and sadly, forever missed xx"


"We used nutracalm after consulting with our vet to help our dog during bonfire season. It worked very well and my dog was not scared or upset during any fireworks. Thank you."

Mrs Westwood 



"I have used nutraquin+ on my 14 year old Labrador for some years now and it has greatly helped to maintain his mobility. I would happily recommend this product."

Richard Langton 



"Our old Lab Honey has quite stiff joints. We noticed a big improvement when we used nutraquin+. I was so impressed that I looked up the human equivalent and now take them regularly!"

Ms P J Davenport 

 "Our beautiful, but senior, boy Baz who is a Leonberger/German Shepherd Cross damaged one hind leg. Our vet also suggested nutraquin+ saying test results had performed wonderfully. We put him on an intensive course, monitored his excercise carefully and are thrilled with the results! He’s moving well, doesn’t seem in any pain and is thoroughly enjoying life so we’re delighted. We’ve lowered the dose a little but if I think he’s stiffening up, I just go back to the original dose for a while and he’s fine. Have recommended it to lots of friends."

Jensie Cherry 


"I have been using nutraquin+ for a few years now for my rescue lurcher Milly. She's now 12 years old and we rarely see her limp. nutraquin+ is so easy to use, and Milly eats it in her food quite happily. I recently tried nutracalm too, as Milly has become sensitive to fireworks as she has grown older. This year's firework season has been the easiest to cope with, and I put that down to using nutracalm. I would recommend both."

Caroline Peace  


"Otti is a working Sprocker who is 8 years old, and just starting to stiffen up after a days work. nutraquin+ appears to be helping her relax and enjoy life the day after, much more than she did before. I'm really happy to be doing something positive to ensure that Otti's working life is maintained, she absolutely loves her work and I'd hate to have to retire her early. Since starting the with nutraquin+ Otti does seem much happier and more playful. We're really happy with the product."

Claire Swainston 


"We were prescribed nutraquin+ for 5 year old Luna, who we adopted as an adult. It helped him a lot to manage his range of movement and he was able to run much more easily. I would definitely use it again for similar situations."

Cathy Withall 

"Both of my girls use nutraquin+, my Boxer who has stiff joints and does benefit, as well as my Chocolate Labrador who at 8 is very lively."

Valerie Baxter 




"Bruno a Springer Spaniel and has joint stiffness in his front legs. I was recommended nutraquin+, which has helped to manage his improvement in mobility and reduced use of pain relief medicine."

Bernard Foster 

"nutraquin+ is helping my 11 year old Labrador to mainain a healthy and happy life. Without nutraquin+ she is stiff and struggles to walk, she takes one capsule a day alternated with two the next and is like a pup again. She can enjoy life and go for her usual walks without discomfort. I highly recommend nutraquin+, it is amazing the difference it makes."

Pamela Cormack


"We have seen some improvement in our dog's sleeping since using nutracalm."

 Robert Bodfield



"nutraquin+ is the best thing that I’ve given my dog, she is so much better with her stiff joints. The token collecting is fantastic idea thanks guys."

Suzanne Trett  



"Before I started using nutramega, my dog Harvey’s nails were brittle and splitting causing him quite a lot of discomfort, since using nutramega his nails are so much better, it has also had a positive affect on his coat - a great product - thank you."

Rachel Arnold  

 "I've been using nutraquin+ for a year or more now. My Labradoodle Marley has very long legs like a standard poodle, which were stiffening up when Marley was chilling and he found it quiet difficult to get up. Since Marley been using nutraquin+ he's had no problem getting up and he's like a different dog. nutraquin+ has worked miracles with Marley. x"

Allison Scott 

"I use nutracalm for my Border Terrier when I know that the fireworks are going to happen , as well as for long car journeys. They definitely take the edge of it all and he is less frantic. These are the only ones that have worked after trying many other brands."

Sharon Thompson

"Both  of my dogs suffer from joint problems, Lola my Jack Russell and Vincent my Border Terrier. Since initial treatment from the vet and then a daily capsule each of nutraquin+ they haven't need a return visit. Sometimes Lola begins to stiffen up especially now in the cold weather, so I just give her 2 capsules until I notice an improvement. I would say that nutraquin+ has definitely eased their symptoms and keeps them from vets visits. I shall continue to help them with nutraquin+. "

Sharon Thompson 

"nutraquin+ is helping our beautiful boy to maintain an active life. We believe these have played a big part in keeping him as healthy and strong as possible. Thank you to the vet who introduced us to them!"

Anne Sprules 



"My dog was given 7 months to live, and 4 years later nutramed is helping her to maintain a health quality of life. We are convinced it's the nutramed."

Lesa McClements 



"My pug Izzy is allergic to a lot of things and we found she was having skin issues. After speaking to our vet she suggested nutramega and after 2 weeks Izzy was clear. She now takes them every day and her skin is lovely."

Michelle Waterman 


 "My dog has suffered with the occasional skin problem, so I started to use nutramega which my vet advised and now my dog has been symptom free for 2 years. Not only is he symptom free his coat is so soft and glossy, I would highly recommend nutramega."

 Sarah White 


"nutraquin+ was recommended by my vet for my elderly German Shephard. It is an excellent product which has given her a lot more ease in her joints and she could not do without it now. A very good token scheme also when used long-term. I would recommend this product!"

 Sarah Robinson 


"My 10yr old boy, Teddy has been on nutraquin+ for a while and it has definitely made a difference to the joint stiffness in his front legs and hips."

Margaret Goulden



"I have the pleasure of owning 3 fabulous chocolate Labs. Sadly, they are all old ladies, aged 8, 11 & 13. My 11 year developed joint problems and my vet recommended nutraquin+, which helped to manage her aches and pains and within a couple of days she was so much more supple. I was so impressed I put my other old ladies on nutraquin+ and they all have a new lease on life. I swear by this product, all my old ladies act like youngsters again. What a superb product, a huge thank you from myself, Mollie, Jessie & Anna!"

 Jude Tinlin 


 "I have used nutramega for over a year now for my 2 year old Chihuahua Bonita who suffers from dry skin. It worked wonders so now I use it for her almost 1 year old sister Blanchette. Now Blanchette's coat is much softer and Bonita's (who is a tricolour Chihuahua) positively gleams."

 Nicole Ingleton 


"Since using nutraquin+ Mac has had a new lease of life. The product is so easy to use and he loves it, thank you on Mac's behalf."

Frances Stevenson



 "We have used nutraquin+ as part of a controlled diet for Kai, our eight year old Border Collie, for over a year now. As a result he is able to lead a fully active life without suffering the way he had previously. Catching his frisbee, swimming in lochs and rivers, chasing rabbits (and the occasional cat!) are all pleasures he can continue to enjoy without suffering later. I have no hesitation in recommending nutraquin+ for dogs."

Ian Wright 


"nutraquin+ changed everything for us. Our Bulldog's mobility was nearly zero with us even carrying him outside for the toilet. Now he's like Bambi, a ten year old dog moving around like a 2 year old."

Emma Connolly

 "I’ve been using nutraquin+ for over a year on my Bulldog, as he had intermittent leg problems and using this managed the issue with results in 4 days."

Julie birch 

"Our Deerhound has ‘shaky’ back legs and nutraquin+ has helped no end. His ‘shakes’ have not worsened over the past year, and although he is now ten he plays well in our woods, rather like the puppy he is at heart."

Benson McGovern  



"Since using nutraquin+ for Molly our 11 year old (slightly portly) Springer Spaniel, she has been back to her old self of 4 or 5 years ago. She doesn't show any sign of joint pain or stiffness, even in the cold weather that we are now having. We have tried other products, but nutraquin+ really seems to work and what's even better is that it's all natural ingredients."

Gavin Beatty 


"I have been using nutraquin+ for over a year to help my German Shepherd's hips. It has eased his problems."

 Rose Adams 



"nutraquin+ is an excellent product. It has kept my Red Setter free from pain and mobile. Thank you"

Gwyneth Pritchard



"We’ve been using nutraquin+ on my 10 year old Collie for some time now and it has been the most cost effective supplement around! It has worked wonders on him - he’s gone from an old man who preferred to just sleep and was beginning to struggle getting up. He is now back to a puppy again, who wants to run about and play!! He’s much happier and very obviously more comfortable in his old man bones! Really pleased."

Hannah Wright  


 "Wesley our Westie thrives on nutramega. His health is very important to us. We have recently used nutracalm with excellent results as well. Thank you."

Paul Fermor 



"Holly will be 14 in January 2018, and as is often the case, she suffers with joint stiffness, making walking very difficult. My vet recommended nutraquin+, and suggested I give it a try. Right from day one, the improvement was instant. We have never looked back, and I’m pleased because it is made from natural ingredients."

Margaret Taylor  


 "My dog is very nervous and anxious on an every day basis, she has a nutracalm every morning! And if we miss one we can tell a difference. It is great that it’s also a natural product."

Lindsay Oates 



"Issi, our chocolate Labrador, has been using nutraquin+ for three or four years now. It was recommended by our vet and it certainly helps, without any unpleasant side effects. Issi will be 14 years old in February and is still full of beans. Thank you."

Jan Cole


"My vet suggested nutraquin + for my Old English Sheepdog and the difference in her is simply amazing. She will be 9 next week but acts like a dog half her age. She still runs through the woods and plays with other dogs. We will continue to use."

Debbie Emerson



"We have an 11 year old Labradollie who's paws are quite deformed due to joint problems. The vet suggested nutramed and after the initial loading dose of 2 capsules a day for the first week she has been on one capsule a day for over 2 years. She seems to be pain free and loves her ball games and plays fetch in the field for about 30 minutes twice a day without discomfort. She seems healthy and happy and we are delighted!"

Rosie Brown 

 "I’ve been using your amazing product nutraquin+ for sometime now and find it amazing. Both my dogs are using it and it has maintained their mobility no end. I will continue to recommend your products to all my friends and family who need the use of a mobility aid."

Louisa Prangley 


"I use nutramega for my 2 year old Labrador and people always comment on how shiny and what great condition his coat is in. I put this down to using nutramega."

Joanna Fisher 



"Ever since Bentley had an operation to secure his knee, which kept slipping out of it's socket, the vet suggested nutraquin+. His other knee feels loose to our vet, but fortunately he has not shown any signs of needing an operation on that leg. I trust our vet and will keep Bentley on nutraquin+ for the remainder of his, hopefully, long life. Hopefully we still have a very long time together."

Mrs Rosemary Taylor 

"My 11 year old Labrador has been slowing down. We tried him on other joint products but once he was on nutramed he was leaping back on our bed again."

Alexander Smyllie



"We have been using nutraquin+ for a few years now and feel that it has really helped maintain the mobility in our dog's joints. This was most noticeable when we didn’t give her the supplement for a few days and noticed she really stiffened up, but after just a couple of days of being back on it she was back to her old self. She is eleven now and people always comment on how good she is for her age and think she’s a lot younger (unfortunately they don’t make the same comments about me!!). I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to help their furry family member get the most out of their life. Thank you"

Gemma Windle  


"I am very happy with the nutramed product and the great improvement it has made to my Dogue de Bordeaux. I am extremely happy with the token scheme that is offered, which we have taken advantage of for many years. I feel your product has managed the mobility of our much loved ageing dog Grace."

Emily Martin 

"Poppy has been on nutraquin+ for a little while and is doing well, she is coming up to 14 now. This product is giving her a good quality of life x."

Carol Guyatt

"We have been using nutraquin+ on our German Shepherd for over a year now. Our vet recommended it and it is an excellent product."

Sarah Leeder  

"nutraquinis amazing, both my boys had it for their joints. After seeing the vet and he advised trying this, we haven’t looked back since."

Penelope Farrar



"My two are taking nutramega and their scratching has subsided and both of their coats are lovely and shiny. I can’t recommend this product enough and I have recommended it to family who are also now using it. I have bought 4 boxes and will definitely be purchasing lots more as my little girl is very happy now as she is no longer scratching so thanks from Archie and Koko."

Kim Hayes 


"Poppy is now nearly 14 years old and still enjoys her walks. She has nutraquin+ every day and I’m sure this has helped significantly. Regular, easy doseage is key - the sprinkle capsules go on her dinner and aren’t even noticed. A top class product."

Jean Bowles



 "My 15 year Retriever had these until the end. She had damaged her neck years ago which came back to haunt us with weak back legs and a loss of feeling. I think nutramed gave her a better quality of life and kept her going."

Delia Lefley 



 "My vet recommended nutraquin+ for my 13 year old Golden Retriever two and a half years ago. I strongly believe these are what has kept him mobile. He doesn’t limp anymore, you would never know he was the age he is. He runs around and plays with other dogs and always has a smile on his face. I would never stop giving them to him, they are his life line to keeping him mobile. I would highly recommend."

Tracey lee  


"I have really seen a difference in our 11 year old Collie Jasper since we started using nutraquin+ about 18 months ago. After a few months we started to notice he no longer struggled getting up and his mobility has continued to improve."

Paula Ray  



"It was obvious that Ludo was getting a bit stiff and wasn't able to be the agile dog he had been. My previous dog had been on nutraquin+ with great results, so our lovely vet prescribed it for Ludo too. The results were almost immediate and two years on, at nine and a half, he's still superbly agile."

Paula Exton



"We were prescribed nutraquin+ for our 5 year old dog who we adopted as an adult. It helped him a lot as he was able to run much more easily. I would definitely use it again for similar situations."

Cathy Withall


 "nutramega is amazing. I found out about it by using nutrabio on my other bulldog. I used nutramega on my girl who I adopted, she was constantly scratching to the point of bleeding after being wormed and having flea treatment. I purchased a large box of nutramega and OMG the scratching has stopped and her coat is in amazing condition. I will definitely keep using nutramega and I will recommend it to others, as Koko is now a happy girl x"

Kim Hayes 


"My 16 year old cat was struggling to jump on the sofa or bed and was noticeably limping. I had been using other joint supplements, but my vet suggested using nutraquin+. Within 3 weeks the change was noticeable and he was vastly improved. He has now been on nutraquin+ for 3 months and is like a new cat, he barely limps at all now and is able to jump up on the sofa and bed. I am beyond thrilled. I use lots of different products with my animals and have never seen such a noticeable change as a result. I now recommend it to all my friends with elderly cats. I want to use the equine nutraquin+ to see the results on my horse"

Sandra Baker


"My 15 year old Parsons/Patterdale X (Morgan) has been on nutraquin+ for nearly 3 years now, and I'm sure he's really benefiting - he still runs like a much younger dog and is still supple, with no evident joint pain or issues. Because he is so fit, folk are surprised when they ask his age. I always recommend nutraquin+ to other dog owners. So, thank you, as I feel this product has given him a better quality of life in his advancing years than he might have had otherwise."

Graham Ashdown

 "Here is our review on nutracalm.... it's AMAZING!! Minnie was definately a tad more relaxed and not jumping at every single bang she could hear, she actually went to sleep. I also gave a capsule to my JRT, Bam, who lives with my mum, he gets himself extremely worked up, panting, shaking, chewing things up due of stress. He was so much better on nutracalm, no panting and only a little bit of shaking, he still hid under his blanky but the difference in him was incredible! We will be keeping a stash of nutracalm at home to see us through to 2018!!"

Emma & Minnie the rescue dog

"These are brilliant (nutracalm), wish I had known about these years ago, my dog has gone from being sick and stressed to calm and chilled."

Tracey O'Reilly

 "George is soooo chilled out with it, we’re moving house and dealing with fireworks all in the same week, and he’s just snoozing thanks to nutracalm. There are fireworks going off outside and tonight he doesn’t have a care in the world."

Jo Hutchcraft


 "My dog and I survived the fireworks thanks to nutracalm. Wouldn't be without it this time of year!"

Elaine Blake



 "Thank you so much for all your help and advice, I have purchased some nutracalm from my vets for my dog and have given him his 2nd one today they seem to really be helping. Cannot thank you enough."


Faye Campion


"I cannot thank you enough for nutracalm! My dogs are a 16 month old Bloodhound and a 7 year old Labrador have been absolute wrecks since the fireworks started. I used your nutracalm and have 2 different dogs. I would recommend this product with absolute trust to everyone I know. Thank you."

Patricia Mcdonald


"My old bull terrier takes these and have done him the power of good (nutraquin+)"

Robert Strain

"Amazing product my Ruby is gaining new life daily. (nutraquin+)"

Jennifer West

"Can I say, the nutracalm I got for my dog for the fireworks are fantastic, many thanks."

Stan Perkins

 "My boy has been on nutraquin+ for 6 months now, as well as a monthly pain relief from the vets he's nearly 10 and seems so much happier"

 Caroline Lawton



"nutracalm keeps my dog calm during firework season and they are worth every penny not to have him stressed."

Bernie Ward

"nutracalm work great. I always keep some in house. Great after surgery too when dogs get distressed."

Em McIlvenna

"Swear by this brand! Two of my dogs have the nutramega ones too"

Sarah Bellamy

"Got these from the vet and I must say, they calmed my Harvey down greatly (nutracalm)"

Sharon English

"nutracalm work wonders on my little Benji, they are so good, I recommend them"

Patricia Davidson 

"I bought nutracalm 2 days ago at the vets, and can honestly say the best money i'Il ever spend on my Westie."

Adeline Gillen 

"I bought nutracalm from the vets after seeing the comments on Facebook, thought i'd give them a try as our little pooch is so scared this year, tried the 1st one that night and I am very impressed, she was so calm and was even asleep but not knocked out, through the fireworks. Would most definitely recommend these to other pet owners."

Karen Bird Tracey 

Patricia"I've just put Oscar on nutraquin+ and my goodness the difference is unreal, he's able to walk and even do a little run."

Patricia Jenner



Rebecca Steers"I have used nutraquin+ for horses for over a year and have been very happy with the results. Once the loading dose had been given I could see a distinct improvement in my horses stride. No longer stiff in his hind legs. He even looked happier. I would really recommend this to any horse owner. Having spent lots of money on cheaper products that just didn't work this is the one I would always use now."

 Karen Manfield


"I have seen nutracalm work on so many pets and always recommend it."

Charlie, student at The Royal Veterinary College (vetschooldiaries)

"I have tried this product (nutracalm) on my rescue dog and it worked really well."

Mary Catherine Bridget

"Love this product (nutraquin+) it has massively made a difference to my 12 year old pug she was really struggling and lost her mojo  - 4 weeks she is back to what I consider her old self. She is happy to be back on her feet and running around. Thank-you for inventing your wonder pill, truly marvellous!"

 Brian Baty

"nutraquin+ has literally worked wonders for one of my horses in particular, who went from being unable to be ridden completely, to his fractured withers healing. After nutraquin+ with groundwork rehab for 2 years he is now pain free and has now been rebacked successfully! Yours is the only product that's worked!"

 Antonia Collinson

Rebecca Steers"I started my 16 year old dog on nutramind last week. He wasn't settling at night and didn't want to sit with me. He would worry about silly things that never worried him in the past and would pant and shake. I have been so worried about him but since being on nutramind I've noticed a change already. I feel I have my Ollie back. Thanks for making such a good product."

Rebecca Steers


"I have my 2 Labs (12.5 and 13.5 years) on nutraquin+ and I am convinced that this is helping them to carry on managing a walk each day."

Kim Rowe

Lynne Wear"Had Brooke on nutraquin+ and it's making a difference, she's not as stiff and at 11 1/2 years that can only be good for her."

Lynne Wear



Cricket"Tammi, my cross Collie Springer has been on nutraquin+ for almost four years. It has certainly been great for her and now at 17 years old she still enjoys her walks. A wonderful product. Thank you."

Margaret Leiper



"Best product out there, I've used it on cats and dogs and have told lots of people about it, will keep doing so"

Glenys Dittmer

Cricket"I was recommended nutraquin+ joint support for my lovely Rough Collie Bob. We have used it for 1 month and seen a big difference in Bob's mobility already. I will be definitely going back to my vets to get some more."

Beverly Greenwood


Cricket"I rescued my very small (4.5kg) Crossbreed Bea when she was 11months old. She had some issues and was a very energetic/nervous little thing she wasn't trained at all and was not good with other dogs. I used nutracalm alongside lots of positive reinforcement training and I'm happy to say she is now a calm and loving little girly. Our biggest achievement happened when we walked through a large pack of dogs and owners whom she had never met before and she went in tail up wagging and politely sniffed and greeted the other dogs without a growl or bark at all! I now feel a lot more confident walking her around other dogs especially offlead and have recommended the product to many clients alongside both friends and family."

Jessica Bowman RVN 


Cricket"I rarely endorse a product, BUT, in this case I will make an exception. If you have an old dog that has joint/bone problems, get nutraquin+, it's absolutely fantastic. I was highly sceptical when the vet told me my dog would have to go on these for life, BUT, the transformation they made to my dog in just a few days was amazing to say the least. She has severe mobility issues in the front left shoulder, and limped when walking, and you could see she was in massive pain when playing, yet now no longer limps and plays like a two year old (it's a 7 year old chocolate Labrador). So, if you have a dog suffering, stop the suffering now and get nutraquin+, and watch the transformation. I wish they did a similar product for human's,  I would be buying it certainly, as I have extreme arthritis in the joints."

This is Cricket, my gundog, newborn since using nutraquin+!

Ben Blaker - Northern Ireland 

 benson"Benson the Beagle has been on nutraquin+ for over a year now absolutely amazing how they have helped his mobility he is nearly 13 and still walks 4-5 miles a day."

Sarah Harrison



"I have a Lab Cross Red Setter who has been suffering from stiffness in her front leg which was making her limp badly after exercise. I had tried other supplements which have had no effect, then my vet suggested nutraquin+, after only 4 weeks she no longer limps and is running around like a pup (she is 8yrs old) well worth the money thanks"

Lynne Temple


 "Ollie, our 10 year old labradoodle, has been using nutraquin+ for a number of years it is a wonderful product and has helped him to lead a near normal life despite his need for joint support. I can't praise nutraquin+ highly enough and my husband and myself have great confidence in nutravet products and we are now looking at using nutracalm too. Many thanks."

Sue Baron


  "I want to take this opportunity to say "wow" I love nutraquin+ and the amazing results it has delivered! My poor Millie is a 6 year old Labrador retriever and suffers in her right leg, my vet Sarah recommended nutraquin+ product. After reading the leaflet I was at my wits end and in tears seeing my dog in pain so I decided to give it a go. After 4 days the results are amazing, she is like a different dog, running again, playful, and much happier, so thank you and I will definitely continue with this and recommend it to others."

Joanne and Millie Woodward 


"I'm amazed at the immediate effect nutrabio has had on my boy, easing his digestive upsets, he is a different dog after just a few days!"

Karin Lovatt

"This is Eddie. Eddie is very very scared of fireworks and usually spends the time hiding in his blanket cave under the table. Last weekend we tried nutracalm and they are a miracle worker. During the fireworks he spent 80% of the time rolling around happily on the floor with his toys instead of freaking out and shaking like usual.  Thank you for making a product that is natural and works wonders. Eddie is very grateful for these tablets that make him feel a whole lot braver!"



My Labrador, Keono is 13 years old and has been on nutraquin+ for 6 months. He is looking great and bouncing around like a pup again! I highly recommend this excellent product."

Helen Morris

"I started my 10 year old collie on nutraquin+. 2 months later she is a different dog. She is like a puppy again. Thank you nutravet for giving me my dog her life back. They certainly worked for my girl."

Thanks - Hannah and Keeta xxxx 



"nutraquin+ has worked wonders. Our elderly dog, Syd is much more comfortable and lively and he can now manage climbing stairs himself, previously our Vet instructed us to carry Syd up and down steps. The improvement with nutraquin+ was noticeable in a very short period of time and not just in his movement, posture, appetite, his coat is much better too. I'd like to say Thank you, we've been so happy with the effects of nutraquin+."

Sue Rosbottom


"My mischievous Cavachon (just turned 3 on 11/10/16) Charlie had started crying when he climbed the stairs or attempted to jump up on the sofa or bed. My vet was quick to put him on nutraquin+. He has now been on nutraquin+ for 6 weeks and he is like his old self, he is back to jumping on the sofa and bed and even beat me up the stairs the other day. Charlie will be on these capsules for the rest of his (hopefully very long) life. I wouldn’t trust anything else. By using nutraquin+ along with shorter more frequent walks, hydrotherapy (which he is starting next week) and keeping his weight down, I am hopeful. Thank you Nutravet! xxx"



"We have been using nutraquin+ for the past 40 days when our Siberian Husky was found to be suffering from early onset Arthritis. He is only 3 years old, we have seen a big improvement with nutraquin+ and it was nice to find a product that has natural ingredients rather than drugs."

Beverley Connell

Sproket"We have a 3 1/2 year old active Spaniel called Sprocket. She was born with 3 dodgy legs, the vet said that there was little he could do about one leg. He suggested nutraquin+ and since she has been taking nutraquin+ for well over 2 years it has revolutionised our lives. She runs around like a happy mad dog spinning in circles, running after balls and people can't believe it, all thanks to nutraquin+."
Jo Webber



Chico"I have been giving my dog nutramega for some time now and I'm very happy with the results as it keeps his coat in excellent condition. Here's a picture of Chico, glossy coat and all!"
Martin Appleby



Sky"Really pleased with nutraquin+! This is Sky, she's nearly 3. She's a German Shepherd Dog.  Now she's on nutraquin+ she's walking and running in the field."
Patricia Jenne



"This product [nutraquin+] has vastly improved the quality of life for my 8 year old Border Terrier dog, Finlay.  He had been taking nutraquin+ every day for 4 months and we have seen vast improvement in his mobility and general health since starting on the product.  nutraquin+ was recommended by our vet and I would certainly encourage pet owners to ask about this product. Highly recommend."
Joanne McAuley



"Our 7 year old cat Ruby suddenly started urinating in the house, on a particular sofa, beds, kitchen floor to name but a few places. We had rehomed a cocker spaniel three months before the behaviour started who took a while to settle with our 3 cats. We had badgers visiting our garden at night and Ruby had a tick on her head. I have no idea if any of the above triggered her behaviour but she was very unhappy and had a fear of going outside. After a check at the vets to rule out a UTI, I was told we may even have to have her rehomed, which was very upsetting, but I saw no solution. I decided to contact a local vet behaviourist who suggested I try nutracalm in the first instance. I was sceptical but decided to give it a go. The results were amazing. After a couple of weeks, she seemed less frightened and after 2 months was completely as normal. We are delighted. Ruby is now happy, goes outside to urinate as she used to and even tolerates the new cocker. I cannot say how grateful I am to nutracalm. A huge success."

Sarah McGeorge

"nutraquin+ is amazing. My rottie was really struggling after playing or exercise. After 2 weeks on nutraquin+ he now appears as normal as any other dog"

Melanie Hughes Simpson.



Sproket"nutraquin+ has given my old Labrador a second chance. It helps him get up and move around more freely. He has had a great summer and giving him nutraquin+ is the only thing we changed which has improved his quality of life. Prior to giving him nutraquin+ we were concerned he wouldn't be with us much longer. Thank you so much."

Bridget Wright


"I heard great things about nutracalm and I was determined to try it on Bonfire night. One of my dogs is terrified of Fireworks, last year it was so bad we were really worried about him - it was awful to watch him shake uncontrollably. We administered nutracalm (which he loved) and he was like a different dog. He was still slightly nervous but he was happy to eat treats and go out for his final toileting session - even with rockets exploding overhead. This was a first for him! We also use nutraquin+ and our Vet have noticed real improvements in his mobility. Very, Very impressed with your products."

Clare McDougall



"I wanted to thank you for nutramind. nutramind has helped turn our old girl's life around in a very positive way and we know it must be down to this product. Molly is alot brighter and even though she's nerly 14 she is doing amazingly well as before we started her on nutramind we thought we were going to have to have her put to sleep until our Vet Helen suggested trying nutramind and within a few days we saw improvements and since then her life has gradually improved and we are immensley grateful."

Joy Maynard


"I recently rescued another cat, not knowing my original cats history I was unsure how he would cope. He didn't take kindly to her. We tried nutracalm and it worked wonders. There is only the occasional hiss and growl at meal times as they are both under my feet demanding food. nutracalm is a life saver. Thank you."

Laura Taylor


"I wanted to write to tell you that our Cairn Terrier Bonnie has been on nutramega after only one week and the results are amazing! Bonnie has totally transformed. Her dry, itchy, very irritated skin is calm and clear of flakes. She is sleeping better and is so much happier in herself. We have tried various products over the years but I cannot believe her skin has improved so much with nutramega. Keep up the fantastic work nutravet."

Hayley Atkin


"I just wanted to say how good I think nutraquin+ is. When I got my dog Trudy, a Scottish Terrier, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 2 years old. She has been on nutraquin+ for 8 years and aslong as I give her one capsule a day she is absolutely fine. 5 years ago I moved areas and tried a different joint product, but Trudy soon started limping again. I moved back on nutraquin+ and within a week Trudy was moving freely again. Well done nutravet for producing a quality product that keeps my best friend free from pain."

Mr P Beech

I adopted my staffy 3 years ago - during our first summer she came up with hives everyday with 'summer allergies' and was prescribed Piriton everyday. A colleague suggested I try her on nutramega and she hasn't needed a single Piriton since! I swear by nutramega and I will be keeping my dog on it for life.

Sarah Lowe


"This is Jabba, she was 15 on 28th March 2016. She has been taking nutraquin+ for 5 weeks now. After just 2 weeks of taking them I thought I could see a difference but thought maybe it was just wishful thinking, but lots of people have mentioned how much better she looks so I am now confident they are working!! I have now put my 5 year old Collie, who was knocked down by a car last year (which resulted in both front legs being broken), on nutraquin+ and am seeing a difference in him too! I would highly recommend giving this product a try, I will certainly carry on using it!
Thank you nutra

Sarah North.

"I'm so pleased with nutramind for my dog. All the pacing he did in the evening has stopped. He was continually wanting to go outside just to stare at the gate or the car and that has stopped too! I am delighted - thank you!"

Anita Thornley

"My 6 yr old Boxer has slightly turned in toes on one foot and was often stiff and less energetic. I spoke to my vet about it and he said we could try him on nutraquin+. Well within a week the difference was notable and now after two months on them he's running around like a puppy, jumping up on things again. Great product, nutraquin+  has made such a difference to him."

Rose Turner


"I would like to tell you how thrilled I am with nutraquin+ for horses. My 10 year old traditional Cob was diagnosed with DJD in his pastern joints last year and the referral vet said he would need Bute for the rest of his life. However my own vets stock nutraquin+ and I thought it was worth a try. He hasn't needed Bute for over a year now and has been perfectly sound to the point that I started bringing him back into proper work again and yesterday I took him to a show and he came 2nd! I'm over the moon to have my happy, workaholic pony back! nutraquin+ has helped immensely."

Hayley Taylor 

"My 8 yr old dog has had ongoing irritation with his nails. He was constantly nibbling them and the nails were brittle and he eventually got an infection. On the advice of my vet I now give him nutramega and his nails are now much more healthy and the nibbling has stopped compeltely. nutramega really is a great product."
Sue Brown

heather"My dogs are on nutraquin+ and the difference is amazing. It's the 3 big dogs (in the picture) that's on nutraquin+, Ollie who is 9 in March and has back and hip problems and Red the collie cross poodle who has hip displacia. Since both of these dogs have been on nutraquin+ they are moving and running so much better and are much happier, Neville is on nutraquin as he does Agility and nutraquin+ helps support his joints"

Heather Tudberry

Sonja Millsonja Mills"I started using nutraquin+ a few months ago. My vet Debra Teo put her onto these. She is now walking really well and jumps up. They are amazing and I have recommended them to several people!"

Sonja Mills



"My dog used to get very uncomfortable especially when standing up from laying down. My Vet mentioned nutraquin+ so I thought I would give it a try as I wanted him to be comfortable and able to enjoy his outdoor time....... He has been on nutraquin+ for a number of months now and what a difference to his quality of life it has made. He has just turned five, but for his breed Borzoi they tend to slow down when reaching this age. However Harry has gone back to being a puppy, he's playful and would rather run than walk, he is just amazing...... I can only put down his joy for life down to nutraquin+ because before he was on this product he was not a happy dog....Thankyou nutravet, Harry will be staying on these because I feel they truly have helped him"

Sheila Smith 


Linda Palombo"I have been giving nutraquin+ to our 11 year old Labrador for some time now and have seen a great improvement. Since being on nutraquin+ she's bounds around like a much younger dog. Thank you"

Mrs Elm and Poppy



Linda Palombo"I use nutraquin+ for my 10 year old GSD and it has worked wonders!"

Linda Palombo



mina"nutraquin+ is amazing, the effects have been more than we could have ever hoped."

Derek Wyatt



mina"nutraquin+, This is Mina, a crossbreed. This stuff is amazing, my 12 year old girl is running around like a pup again, well like a 6 year old! Thanks for such a great product, she is midway through her first box and doing great."

Jamie Pinfold, Scotland



Jack'Jack our choccy lab has been on nutramed for 48 hours and oh my what a different dog he is! He is back to his old self, he had no energy and didn't want to go for walks, however now he takes me for a walk and has lots more energy and there is a bit of devilment in him, this stuff is amazing!"

Janet Wyer


bailey"My mini Shnauzer, Bailey has been on nutramega for 5 weeks now and the results are amazing, his coat feels and looks great. He's not scratching anymore. He was driving me crazy because there was nothing to see in his coat. He was licking constantly between his groin. I'm happy to say he's not doing that any more. 1 capsule per day. ...magic! You can prick the capsules and squeeze out and mix with the food."
Eileen Taylor




"My dog is on nutracalm and this product is brilliant! She is a complete neurotic rescue dog who is scared of anything to do with the outside world, They don't sedate or close the mind off all they do is take the edge off , and seeing as they are not required daily but more of an as an when product it's a perfect solution. I have tried everything and as I work in a Veterinary Practice I was lucky enough to speak to a nutravet rep and I can't thank her enough. So now we are an Authorised Stockist I can personally recommend nutracalm to our clients . Oh and they work on big dogs , I have a 43kg mastiff X"

 Joanna Wheeler Porrello



"Finzi, my 10 year old setter/collie cross, started showing stiffness around his back legs a year ago and lost a lot of his cheery bounce. Nutraquin+ was prescribed and the results have been absolutely amazing! He's back to his old daft self, trotting along happily and taking off after foxes and cats with gusto. As they say, there's life in the old dog yet!."  

Morna Gourlay


"We have been using nutraquin+ for the past 2 years for our 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Being very large & 'long legged' for a Yorkie, she accompanies us on some 'adventurous' walks ! nutraquin+ has definitely helped the onset of stiffness in her joints, keeping her agile and quite spritely.  We particularly noticed the difference when she had been in kennels for a while; to keep things simple, we hadn't supplied the kennels with nutraquin+ ..... and noticed a definite deterioration on our return. Once back on the capsules for a while, she was back to her usual springy self - and we now always make sure she has them when we are away. " 

Barbara Williams


"We used nutracalm for the first time on bonfire night, it was such a relief to see my boys so calm and relaxed after being such a mess shaking and panting the night before."

Thank you nutracalm!

Sarah McAllister


 "My 7 year old labrador was prescribed nutraquin+ by our vet, and after only about 5 days of taking the capsules I could see the benefit She was running around again happily without any stiffness. I highly recommend this product."

 Eliza Hunt





"My 3 year old Rottweiler, Luther, was stiff after walks and on getting up. Our vet prescribed nutraquin+ and he is four weeks into the loading amount. Tonight he went voluntarily for the first time in ages for a lovely 40 minute walk. We are so impressed with this and will certainly be recommend it to all our doggy friends. Thank you so very much!"

 Melanie Hughes Simpson

Jake"Our Cocker Spaniel is now 7 years old, she would find it difficult to live without having her nutraquin+ once a day, if we ever missed a day she would soon struggle trying to get about, this has happened only twice since our vet in Scotland put her on nutraquin+ capsules, she has been on them over 4 years now. We would highly recommend this product."

George Rogers 


Jake"Meet Jake, 22 years young. My vet started him on nutraquin+ a year ago and the difference has been amazing. Jake has gone from semi retired to local dressage competitions! We are so pleased. You can see from the photograph he enjoying life. He won his class with my daughter Holly on board. Love him to bits. Thank you."

Sandra Reilly


"In 2014 the GSD rescue group I belong to managed to get a litter of 6 'GSDs' (we had our doubts they were pure GSD) out of a Killing Station abroad. The litter had witnessed the traumatic inhumane killing of their parents and had been physically abused and were in very poor condition. In the summer I decided to take on the most scared one of the remaining two as the rescue group had not been able to find the right kind of home for him and felt he would probably stay in the rescue kennels for the rest of his life. He has only lived in kennels, had an appalling start to life, had been physically abused (he still bears the scars), had been shipped from and been in kennels for 8 months in the UK. He is so scared of everything, is hand shy, jumps if I move quickly, is much too scared to accept training. Nevertheless in three months he has learned the finer points of living in a house with the TV, washing machine, hoover etc. and the commands 'off', 'no', 'sit' 'come' and 'stop pulling'! I'd tried skullcap and valerian just to help his stress levels without success and once again found myself in my Vets waiting room and reading about nutracalm. He's been on it for one week and the change in him is remarkable - he is much more relaxed, he obeys the commands he knows no longer out of fear of not doing it but as he now realises that praise and reward is good. Ear rubs are good too he has found! And today (8.10.15) he has cautiously licked and when nothing bad happened and I stayed perfectly still without looking at him, thoroughly washed my hand! He's got a long way to go but I now feel that we will get there in a shorter time due to the benefits of nutracalm."

Liz Diamond

"My Horse was very stiff on the hind, however after doing the recommended loading amount of nutraquin+ I could see a fantastic difference. Now all the stiffness has gone and he is pinging around like a 2 year old. Fantastic stuff! Highly recommended."

Karen Manfield

"Brilliant stuff! Our dog Lenny has been on nutraquin+ since he was 6 months old. He's really responded well to nutraquin+. We will never use anything else."

Karen Simpson-Green

"Our 17 year old Mare was 'not quite right' She was competing well in Dressage but starting to struggle with the bigger movements as she progressed levels. We were recommended nutraquin+ for horses which has a higher concentrate than 'off the shelf' products and within a month the results were noticeable with her much happier to do the more complicated moves. I wouldn't use anything else other than works."

Joanne Horne

Harley"My 5yr old bailey has been on nutraquin+ for 6wks now, he initially took one a day and is now on one every other day. He struggled with his back knee joints but nutraquin+ has worked wonders for him. He doesn’t seem to have issues going down stairs anymore, the stiffness has gone and he is like a new wee dog, I’m so glad i asked my vets about them."

Julie Morrison


"I would like to take this opportunity to say what a difference nutraquin+ has made to my beloved old Golden Retriever, Basil. He is nearly 14 and is still able to trot across the grass. I have had many dogs over the years, many of whom have had stiff joints, however Basil is the first on to have nutraquin+. He started to have joint stiffness a few years ago which is when our vet recommended the product. He has been on them ever since and Basil has a new lease of life. Thank you on behalf of Basil."

Helen Opie

"Our 11 year old Labrador Nell's mobility has been aided immeasurably on nutraquin+, we are indeed a 'Happy Family'! We have, of course, recommended nutraquin+ to quite a few dog owners aswell. Many thanks to you and our local vets in Diss."

Mrs L Harrow

"I've tried everything, unsuccessfully, on my greyhound to try and calm his nerves from the effects of fireworks and on New Years Eve I gave him nutracalm which I ordered from my vets and I'm pleased to say THEY WORKED WONDERS, no more panting, no more shaking, no more vomiting, WOW what a difference. I'm just glad that I have found a product that actually works. I would highly recommend nutracalm!!"

Mrs Newmart

Harley"Harley my 3 year old Cockerpoo has been taking nutraquin+ for the last 5 months. I have seen a massive improvement in him as he has no more stiffness when he wakes and is full of energy."

Sarah McAllister



"This is an update on my 10 month old puppy. She started on nutraquin+ loading amount for 6 weeks, and is now just on the maintenance and is doing great! The nutraquin+ has definitely given her 65% mobility back. I'm really pleased with the results."

Sarah-Jane Marlow

Andrea Nairn"LOVE LOVE LOVE nutraquin+! My eldest Lab has been on it for two and a half years now and I can't believe the difference it has made! Being a working Labrador he used to do one days work then need three days rest (at 8/9 years old). Now he can do a whole week working on a grouse moor without any sign of stiffness or reduced mobility!! He is now a very happy bouncy 13 year old! I can't thank you enough!!"

Andrea Nairn


"My dog is on nutraquin+ and has shown a massive change after only 4 days. I would highly recommend this product. I have now started my horse on nutraquin+ too!"

Rachel Weller-Dean Evans

"Brilliant stuff! Two of my dogs are like pups again on nutraquin+."

Sarah Simpson

Cookie"I write to say thank you so much for introducing us to nutraquin+….It's working so well on Cookie!!   Not only that, she is a much happier girl and is pulling on the lead and turning back to her puppy days!! Brilliant product..... we cannot thank you enough."

Jackie Loomes
Woof woof and kisses from Cookie

"I have a 14 yr old ferrel cat who thanks to nutraquin+ seems to be back to full mobility now WITHOUT the stiffness and favouring of hind quarters. nutraquin+ does exactly what is says on the cardboard. Many thanks."

Krusty Kapoor 

"I am involved in German Shepherd Rescue so only take on rescues. The first time one of my rescues needs a general anaesthetic (usually to be neutered) I have an X-ray done of their hips, obviously not for hip scoring, but just to know how good/bad their hips are and what problems they may face in the future. I've had Zenzi, now aged 6 years, since she was 7 weeks old (a litter rescued from a Welsh Puppy Farm). I had, as with previous GSDs, been using Yumove Working Dog. Whilst at my Vets a year ago I was reading in the waiting room the information about nutraquin+ and decided to give it a try. The result has been amazing! Zenzi's happy! I'm very happy! First time ever I've added a testimonial to anything which goes to show how impressed I am!"

Liz Diamond

"Abby, my Bichon has been on nutraquin & nutramed for over 12 months. thank you."

Helen Leonard

Helen"I have an 8 yr old Rottweiler. I started him on nutraquin+ and what a difference it has made! I would highly recommend this product as my rottweiler now has seen a massive improvement!"

Helen Mcniven 



"I have been using nutraquin+ on my dog for his joints and the results are amazing. I started on 1 a day for 6 weeks then 1 every other day now. Thank you."

Julie Morrison

"My dog, Tarn, was unfortunately experiencing mobility problems at an early age early last year. I was therefore recommended your products nutramed and nutraquin+ by my Vet Fiona Rawlings in Cornwall. I was delighted at the speedy results with no side-effects. She now enjoys daily long walks and is always up for any challenge. Thanks for these wonderful products."

Patricia Ling

Drift"Drift, our 5 year old Northern Inuit has been on nutraquin+ for exactly one month now. The Vet put him on nutraquin+ after an injury to his knee and hip joint he received while playing with his two Northern Inuit ''sisters'' Both the Vet and I are amazed how quickly Drift was back to playing and running around, he continues to improve on a daily basis, I just wish I would have known about nutraquin+ when we had our GSD Flint. I'm also now having my other two, Freja and Tyra put on nutraquin+ to keep their joints supple. Many thanks."

Catrin Toomey


Drift"This is my 12 year old cat India. After years my cat has now been comfortable for over 6 months. She's seem happy and comfortable and I'm grateful to the vet for introducing nutracys+ to us. Can't recommend highly enough, it is a fabulous, life changing product."

Lisa Harland


"I cannot believe the difference nutraquin+ has made to my ancient Labrador. nutraquin+ is invaluable, if I stop it she has trouble walking upstairs and is sluggish on walks. It has made a HUGE difference thanks!"

Jacqui Murray

"I can't praise nutraquin+ enough, our little dog Harriet was recommended nutraquin+ and I can honestly say we have never looked back. We thought Harriet's days of long or even short walkies were over, but now at 14 and after two years on nutraquin+ she is as fit as ever! Harriet recently came on a six mile jaunt with us!"

Sandy Mitchell

"My 6 year old border collie is taking nutraquin+ . She's been on nutraquin+ a month and the results are brilliant. She's back to jumping 10 feet high bless her!"

Tracey Nolan

"Justin Rylandsnutraquin+ works so effectively. It has completely managed my dog's joints naturally. I can't put a price on it "

Justin Rylands



"I can recommend nutracalm, we used it over the fireworks period with great success. It does not sedate my girl, but made her much calmer."

Jan Killingback

Honey"My dog, Honey, has been on nutraquin+ for 3 years and it has made a big difference to her life. Within 4 days of her starting on nutraquin+ Honey was freely running up and downstairs. Honey now has a new companion, a one year old soft coated wheaten terrier called Cassie and she is keeping up with her very well, I doubt this would have been the case had she not been on nutraquin+. We have recommended this product to the owners of a number of Honey's elderly doggy friends and all those who have tried it have also reported excellent results. Thank you nutravet for making such a good product, we will continue to use it as it has such a life enhancing effect on our much loved old lady. "

Paula Roche


"Really impressed with nutraquin+, massive aided my dogs mobility."

Sian Louise Cruci

"I put my 12 year old Springer on nutraquin+ and she doesn't seem as stiff and shes's back to being very active. I feel nutraquin+ is helping my dog alot. Thank you so very much."

Mrs McEwan

Amee300"Your Product nutramega has been absolutely amazing for my staffie Lola. Her skin was red raw and this is in the difference in 2 months of taking nutramega! Absolutely brilliant. She’s finally a happy pooch again! I have decided to put my other 2 rescue dogs on nutracalm too after the massive change in Lola's skin. Let's hope they work just as well for them As it has for lola!!' Thank you!!!"
Amee Holland





"We have had excellent results with nutracalm, my ex-puppy farm breeding bitch who has over the last 12 months gradually acclimatised to her home environment, but just could not cope outside the home. We are absolutely delighted that she has actually allowed a male neighbour to stroke her - a major milestone for her thank you."

David Norton"Willow, my 4 year old lab, has had dry skin and a bad malting problem for a couple of years now. However, She has now been on nutramega for 3 months and her skin and coat has never looked as good, not only is her coat looking healthy and shiny, her malting has reduced significantly. Thanks Nutravet"

David Norton


Steven Goodall "This is Max my 8 year old GSD. He was struggling to run and get in and out of the car but after taking nutraquin+ for the past 2 months he is as fit as ever and has a new lease on life."

Steven Goodall



"My guide dog has had a problem with claws splitting and they had to be removed. However since having nutramega the difference has been amazing, he only has small nail splits now, thank you."

Sue Harold, Truro

 Louise Bradley horse"I have been using nutraquin+ for horses for several months and I'm super pleased with the results! I'm currently training a young team of horses with a couple of talented ones that are aiming for the 2020 Olympics."

Louise Bradley



"nutracalm - amazing results over the firework period. My previously extremely anxious pacing, digging, salivating mess of a Labrador became a chilled out girl, even when bangs were close to us. My fearful of strangers dog has become friendly and stops barking and hiding.......I wouldn't believe either of these had happened if I hadn't witnessed myself. Also, there are no sedative effects noted, so my dogs just appear to be more chilled versions of themselves.......thank you nutracalm!"

Jan Killingback

Ellie"This is Ellie. She is on nutraquin+. I would honestly recommend this product it has made such a huge change to her lifestyle. She is retired but she now has a better quality of life and can move more freely."

Carla Snowden


Drum-Cavalier"Happy to report our Cavalier King Charles 'Drum' has just completed his second month on nutraquin+. Drum is now enjoying his walks again. AT LONG LAST SOMETHING THAT WORKS THANK YOU."

Philip O'Connor



"I was recommended nutraquin+ for my elderly cat Tabbs by Jane, her Veterinary nurses, whom she sees monthly. After discussing the extra benefits that Tabbs might receive from nutraquin+, it was decided we should give it to Tabbs for a period of 3 weeks. After just five days I could see a change in Tabbs, not only in her movements but also in her overall health. She appeared to be generally more alert and not so reluctant to jump up onto things. It was also nice to see her being able to trot up steps and stairs with ease. Thank you."

Miss Onslow

Archie"Our Labrador Archie has been on nutramega for 3-4 weeks now. Believe me he has had everything  costing £2,000 with no resolution. He has been on nutramega for 4 weeks and I was initially sceptical when the vet recommended a natural product after all the other previous failed products, however nutramega has honestly made a MASSIVE difference to Archie."

Lisa Reddington


"nutraquin+ is an absolutely brilliant product, Emily my cocker spaniel has had nutraquin+ every day and a hydrotherapy swim each week and has been running around like a new dog for 2 and a half years."

Lindsay Burgess

Labrador on nutraquin+
"A friend recommended I try nutraquin+ In September 2013 for my 7 year old Labrador and it is like a miracle! Today she had her first 'proper' walk in ages. I can't rate nutraquin+ highly enough!"

Lynda Bate, Wetherby


"nutracys+ was recommended by my vet for my cat only 2 days the transformation in her is amazing! So pleased we have found nutracys+, a great product!"

Jo robinson

Bruce on nutraquin+"We are still amazed with Bruce's mobility and zest for life since he has been on nutraquin+. He is a very active dog, as you can see from this picture of him during one of his surfing adventures in the Scilly Isles!! Thanks to nutraquin+ you can all see we have one very happy boy!!"

Isobel Bridle.


"Thanks to nutraquin+ my now 6 year old Pug x Shih Tzu is able to enjoy long walks three times a day on the Yorkshire moors with my other two very active dogs, an English Springer Spaniel and an ex professional Lurcher. Thank you very much."

Michael Dwyer

"I found out about nutraquin+ for horses through my vet. I immediately put my 29 year old mare on it and within two weeks she was amazing! I was so worried about her coming in over winter but she's doing really well and has a good gallop every morning on turn out."

Amanda Payne

"The vet suggested nutraquin+ after having good results with other pets and so we started her on nutraquin+ too. After two strips of capsules there was a marked change. She is now enjoying her walks again with our other GSD as before. Thank you very much!"

Mr & Mrs S Jones, Weston Super Mare 

Rocky"Rocky at nearly 11 years old has been on nutraquin+ since March this year and we have noticed a huge improvement."

Eleanor Dacey



Dogs "I have to say I'm a fan of nutraquin+. My vet suggested nutraquin+. He is now on the maintenance amount and appears happier and free moving x"

Michelle Foggett



horse "My horse Angelo has been on nutraquin+ for horses since last year and he is doing very well."

Charlene Hanson



horse"My daughters pony has been on nutraquin+ for horses ever since last year  and recently he scored 80.4% in a prelim dressage test at the Trailblazers final."

Kathryn Walsh



Pony"Brilliant stuff! Our pony is 19 and is going better than ever. Dressage marks have improved and she's jumping like a stag bless her!"

Dianne Hill



"I wanted to let you know how amazed and thrilled I am with the impact of nutraquin+ for horses. Topsy, our 14 year old potential dressage pony, spent Saturday gallpoing and bucking around the field like a foal! It was wonderful to see and was the first time that I've seen her really enjoy and push herself for years! Thank you! She was on her 22nd day of nutraquin+ and also moving better when loose schooling later on in the day than I've ever seen. nutraquin+ is the only joint supplement I've tried that actually delivers results and in such a short period of time. I am very impressed! Thank you!"

Sarah Underwood

"Both my dogs have had operations for patellar luxation and afterwards my vet suggested I used nutraquin+ to help keep their joints supple. I am delighted with the visible results. Both my boys are fully active, can run, jump and walk miles with ease. I have been using nutraquin+ for over 3 years for both my dogs and would definitely recommend it to others. Plus, nutravet very kindly offer the loyalty scheme. thank you nutraquin+ for giving back animals' the quality of life they so richly deserve."

Deborah McFarlane

"We have two Labrador/Sheppard Cross dogs that are 10 years old but after being on nutraquin+ they act like puppies again. They have been on nutraquin+ for nearly a year and the difference is incredible, I highly recommend nutraquin+ and we have just received our free pack last week via the nutravet token buy 6 get 1 free offer, thank you nutravet!"

Jackie Colmer

"My dog is 13 years old and since taking nutraquin+ he is like a different dog - nutraquin+ is amazing!"

Rachel Jones

"nutraquin+ - Amazing stuff - my 12 year old Jack russell can now run up the stairs again."

Paul John Kennell

"Our dog Archie has benefited immensley from nutraquin+. Archie is an 8 year old Doberman and now has excellent mobility in his joints and nutraquin+ has certainly given him a new lease of life."

Mrs A. Brotherton, Newcastle Emlyn, Wales

"nutraquin+ has really helped my dog & was recommended by other dog walkers I have met in my area of Hertfordshire. Word of mouth is very effective!!"

Birgit Gibson, Buntingford Hertfordshire

Jass"Dear nutravet, The proof of the pudding.....'......Jazz, my 5 year old TLRT bitch jumping a Cotswold stone wall! She is on nothing but nutraquin+!"




''I have been using nutraquin+ for six months after it was recommended by my vet. I have two Basset Hounds who are 6 yrs old and I had noticed that they were slowing down when out walking. I asked my vet if there was anything that he could suggest and he recommended nutraquin+. Well...What a difference this has made!! Within two weeks my dogs suddenly became like two lively extra large puppies and this has continued with them racing through the forest every day and me now struggling to keep up. I have recommended nutraquin+ to various friends and have also made my vet aware of how good it has been for my dogs. Thank you so much''

Margaret Small

Poppy"Thank you for the Nutraquin+, it makes such a difference for our Poppy. Poppy is doing well for an old girl. Yesterday she managed a short run when a rabbit popped up in front of her. I don't know who was most surprised - the rabbit, us or Poppy herself!  I thought you may like to see the attached picture of our Poppy enjoying her own personal field of gold. Kind regards"      

Pam Whittingham 


''Absolutely brilliant. My sheltie, was put on nutramega and has now stopped skin flaking. Her new coat is luxurious and the rich colour restored!''

Lyn Eldred

 ''My 12 year old Hungarian Viszla takes nutraquin+ daily - he is now the happiest , fittest and most flexible dog, Thank you so much!''

Katie King, Desborough

''Stella is my 10 year old Collie-Lab-German Shepherd cross who lost one of her back legs when she was about 2 and then had a TTA on the other following cruciate ligament damage when she was 5. Since she started on nutraquin+ 2 years ago she has taken on a new lease of life and scatters pigeons and squirrels before her at alarming speed wherever she goes! With best wishes and thanks''

Peter Bevington, Leeds

''My Black Labrador, Cody, is doing really well thanks to nutramega, his coat is almost restored to its former glory and his scratching has stopped altogether. After 2 months the change is quite dramatic! Thank you."

Margaret, Cornwall

''We have a rescue Labrador 'Sheba' who is on nutraquin+ and is thriving on them, thank you!''

Tricia Perrett, Gloucestershire

''I am delighted with nutraquin + for cats. My 6 year old Siamese cross is a transformed cat. We had recently got a Devon Rex kitten and he was really unhappy being leaped upon, and had started growling when he was picked up, he was so very unhappy and at one point I was contemplating re homing the kitten. I took him to my vet who suggested nutraquin+. We mixed it in very well with his food and within a week he has been transformed. He's washing and sleeping with our Devon, they are play fighting and running round the garden together. I am gob smacked and goes to show that sometimes behavioural problems do have a medical origin. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! It's like having him back all over again :)''

Kate Duerden

''On the advice of my vet, I have been giving my dog (9 year old German Shepherd) nutramed for over 8 months and I'm very pleased with the results - her movement seems easier. Thank you nutravet!''

Anthony Boland, Tyne & Wear

''May I take this opportunity to tell you what a great difference nutraquin+ has made to my old Labrador. He is so much more mobile, he even runs around from time to time and it seems he has a smile on his face. He looks generally happy again, I'm very happy our Vet told us about nutraquin+''

Alan Parker, Middlesex

"Last year Bruce, our 5yr old golden retriever was bowled over in play with an equally young, exuberant energetic "goldie" we met whilst out for a walk. It was difficult to keep him completely at rest as we also have his younger sister (same parents but from litter born 4 yrs later). She is VERY energetic and from the day she arrived here, they became inseparable. So trying to ensure that he had the rest he needed and trying to curb their enthusiasm for play together was very difficult for us all. Consequently Bruce lost his "sparkle and joie - de - vivre" . He was distressed and withdrawn (with such sad, sad eyes and no longer the happy "smiling" happy dog who brings joy to almost everyone he meets!). Even after short exercise he was obviously in distress. Our vet recommended nutraquin+ We also took Bruce to a local homeopathic vet and she also was very positive that nutraquin+ would re maintain his physical function once more.  I'm delighted to report that he is now back to his old active happy self enjoying life to the full with his sister, thanks to nutraquin+.''

Isabel Bridle

"I have been using nutraquin+ for 4 weeks now and the difference to the quality of life for my French Bulldog is amazing. I work in a veterinary clinic and am happy to recommend this product"

Jayne Kirkham

"After giving Jazz our 11 year old Labrador three nutramega capsules every day, his skin and coat have vastly improved. His hair is growing back and his coat has become shiny which is something it hasn't been for a long time. We are very pleased with the results and will continue to keep him on nutramega."

Margaret Birch, Herefordshire

"nutraquin+ has been a godsend to my two lurchers, at 13 they have a new spring in their step - thank you."

Helen Chambers - Somerset

"May I start by saying your product is absolutely amazing!! I love this product so much! I have a chocolate Labrador and I knew something was wrong as he just wasn't active enough. The vet recommended nutraquin+ and well what can I say, my dog has changed completely! Since using this product he runs around like a mad thing, enjoys his walks and loves to play with other dogs. I would never take him off nutraquin+ now. I also regularly recommend it to other people I know."

Rebecca Down, Hereford

"I am thrilled to report a huge improvement in Cocoa, our rescue Liver Labrador. She has returned to her playful self and begs to play in goal for the grandchildrens' football sessions. She has been on nutraquin for about 6 months and the difference is remarkable."

Thank you! 

"nutraquin+ is used on my dog Emily. She is like a puppy again! In fact last week she jumped up on the couch and jumped over it! She is 13 years old too, I find it so unbelievable, it's a miracle. Due to this success I have recently put my 15 year old dog on nutraquin+ too."

Lindsay Burgess, Cheshire

"nutraquin+ has given my lab a new lease of life following a very difficult cruciate ligament op. Thank you so much. Also would like to thank you for your loyalty scheme for nutraquin+ - it is very generous of you and very welcomed by us. Keep up the good work - and we will continue to spread the word."

Louise Norval

"We have started to give our black labrador nutramed. She was on a loading amount of three per day and within 48 hours we noticed a very significant difference in her mobility. She is now on 2 tablets a day and seems very comfortable. Would strongly recommend giving it a go."

Mary Elliott from Bridgwater somerset

"Just a quick note to say that my horse who is now 14 had to be retired recently, my vet suggested nutraquin+ for her and she has now been on it 2 weeks and is a changed horse! She is so much more comfortable. A great product highly recommended!." 

Rebecca Gallagher

"My dog, George, was offered your product nutramed and the transformation in George leading up to his surgery was quite amazing. He became much brighter, much less stiff, enjoyed his short walks more and generally had more energy. I'm pleased to report George is now almost three months into recovery, has the devil in him & is generally out of control and a hooligan. Many thanks nutravet."
Gail Crowther

"Dear all at nutravet

My name is Linda Martin and I live in Telford with my family and my beloved mutleys, Alfie and Rocky, when I was told about nutraquin+ and how well our vets own old dog had responded to taking it I had no qualms about switching Alfie and Rocky to it and have never looked back since :-). 

Since switching to nutraquin+ the flexibility and lack of creaking in Alfie's back legs and Rocky seems years younger, and I truly believe that the nutraquin+ has played a vital part in these transformations and would whole heartedly recommend it to other worried dog owners. I can't thank you enough at nutravet. I love my dogs and to see their quality of life improve so much is just magical. keep up the great work!"

Linda, Alfie and Rocky x

"Dear nutravet

I'm not very good at writing "write up's" though truly can't speak more highly of nutraquin+.  nutraquin+ is an absolutely brilliant product. I’ve never recommended a product before. I’ve always been extremely hesitant but this product is truly fabulous.

Mr Burden from Hale Veterinary Group in Chippenham recommended nutraquin+. Once the product is loaded in the system I really DID see a difference in my dog. My dogs stiffness seemed aided and he walked more freely. He seemed happier and I was happier. I love most of all the fact that the product actually works. Clearly other factors have assisted me too ie getting my dogs exercise right, him wearing a coat in the winter, weight control etc.

I would definitely recommend it nutraquin+ - anyone who doesn’t consider using it to help their dog can’t truly care about his or her condition."


Mrs A Lucy Huish, Corsham, Wiltshire

I am a veterinary nurse and we tried nutraquin + on our animals before the practice decided to promote this product to our clients, I have a cat and after a week of taking nutraquin+ I could see that she was more agile. She is much happier, which makes me happier.....and there has been a positive response from 3 of our veterinary nurses which has resulted in the practice promoting nutraquin+ to many of our clients. There is nothing to lose by trying it and everything to gain......"

Sue (vet nurse) Hertfordshire

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