Shearbridge Veterinary Group recommend nutraquin+.

"Many thanks to nutravet for introducing nutraquin+."

"We are extremely impressed with nutraquin+. The quality and purity of the ingredients have resulted in animals responding much more quickly than other products we have used in the past. We are happy to recommend nutraquin+ as part of the first line of treatment for severe arthritic cases. We have also noticed good client compliance and a very high percentage of repeat customers due to clients seeing tangible improvements in their animals’ arthritic conditions when using this product.

We highly recommend nutraquin+.

nutravet are the only company in the UK who do not sell to internet pharmacies and therefore support veterinary practices only, this is another reason why we support nutravet and their product range.”
Mr Kevan Judge BVSc MRCVS
Shearbridge Veterinary Group

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