Pet owner credits nutraquin+ for dog reaching milestone age

Rescue dog Angus marked a special birthday this week thanks to nutraquin+. Angus, a 57-variety pooch, celebrated his 20th birthday, which is a big milestone for a dog.

Thanks to nutraquin+, Angus has found a new lease of life. His owner Barbara McDonald adopted Angus when he was nine years old and his previous owner became unwell.

Mrs McDonald said: “We put him on the joint supplement nutraquin+ and he has a new lease of life and is bouncing around. I’m delighted he has reached such a great age.”

Living to such an age is rare for dogs and the Guinness World Records has said it is unusual for authentic records of dogs living over 20 years of age to be reported.

Angus celebrated his big milestone with a party at his local vet practice in Haddington, East Lothian.

He enjoyed the celebration with a select few of his four-legged friends where they all enjoyed special dog-friendly cake and dog beer.

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