Labrador Rescue Trust to Celebrate 25 years

On the 25th of November 2013 The Labrador Rescue Trust will be celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Over the years they have handled over 10,000 cases - an average of four hundred cases each year since the formation of The Trust in 1988 which is a considerable number of dogs to have needed help.

With over one hundred and forty professional, caring and unpaid volunteers The Labrador Rescue Trust ensures that the welfare of every dog remains paramount at all times in working work tirelessly to help Labradors find new, caring homes.

In the present economic climate, more and more people are looking to The Labrador Rescue Trust Charity for help and because they don't receive any Government or Lottery Grants towards the costs running the charity they have to raise sufficient funds on their own to keep going.

The Labrador Rescue Trust are one of the largest pedigree dog Charities in the United Kingdom and they do everything they can to ensure that any Labrador that needs help gets it.

For more information on Labrador Rescue Trust and to make a donation please visit:

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