For cats

Our products contain the highest quality, purest ingredients and are available to purchase exclusively from veterinary practices. Please click on each product below for more specific product information including product specifications and ingredients.

Cat supplements


Nutritional joint support 

>> nutraquin+ 60 capsules


Specifically formulated to naturally calm anxious pets and to help reduce unwanted or unruly behaviour.

>> nutracalm 45 capsules 
(3 x 15 capsule packs)

>> nutracalm 60 capsules

Nutracys plusNutritional support for healthy urinary tract function with stress relieving properties

>> nutracys+ 20 capsules

>> nutracys+ 220 capsules




nutraminHigh strength nutritional support for brain & mental function

>> nutramind 45 capsules
>> nutramind 90 capsules


nutraquinNutritional support for digestive imbalance

>> nutrabio 


nutramegaHigh strength nutritional support for healthy skin & a glossy coat

>> nutramega 45 capsules
>> nutramega 90 capsules

nutramedMultimodal nutritional support for joints, soft tissues and liver function in dogs & cats 

>> nutramed 60 capsules

Nutritional joint support

>> nutraquin 60 capsules