What is Kaolin for dogs and cats?

What is Kaolin for dogs and cats? Kaolin for dogs and cats

Kaolin for dogs and cats is a key natural ingredient to support digestive health.

Kaolin is a type of clay found in nature although can also be made in a laboratory. It may be useful for cases where a pets stools become very loose as it can help pets by absorbing water to firm up their loose stools. By reducing the speed of passage through the gut, Kaolin helps with the absorption of nutrients and water, which are important to aid the gut. It can help to reduce the quantity of loose stools and improve the consistence of the faeces, which in turn reduces the risk of dehydration.

Kaolin for dogs and cats acts as an absorbent which works by binding toxins and removing them from the gut.

Kaolin is used in many probiotic supplements for dogs and cats to help firm up their stools, in cases of mild to moderate or non-infectious diarrhoea. It is often used in combination with other natural ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics and Sweet Basil Extract to support digestive balance in dogs and cats.

If you are looking for a Kaolin supplement for dogs and cats, nutrabio is recommended by thousands of vets throughout the UK and Ireland. nutrabio uses a unique combination of proven natural ingredients to help support digestive balance. This is achieved by increasing the number of beneficial good bacteria, whilst binding the toxins, which are then passes safely through the gut.



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