What is EPA and DHA?

What is EPA and DHA?

EPA and DHA are Omega-3 fatty acids that are important to support healthy skin and a glossy coat in dogs and cats. EPA and DHA

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) are both Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in cold water fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of normal metabolism, but they cannot be produced naturally in the body so have to be consumed through diet or supplementation.

EPA and DHA are highly unsaturated fats due to them only containing six and five double bonds on their structural chains. Being unsaturated is an advantage as it makes it easier for the body to break down and utilise the fatty acids.

Both EPA and DHA are important nutrients and could be taken to maintain healthy brain function. DHA is a building block of tissue in the brain and retina of the eye. It helps with forming neural transmitters, such as phosphatidylserine, which is important for brain function.

They are particularly important to counteract Omega 6 imbalance. Often pets are unwittingly fed an unnatural diet which is too high in Omega 6 fatty acids derived from high levels of cereals and vegetable proteins. An acute excess of Omega 6s and/or a shortage of Omega 3 will predispose dry, flaky and itchy skin.

Benefits of EPA and DHA

There are a number of benefits to supplementing your pet’s diet with EPA and DHA fatty acids, which include:

Skin and coat healthOmega 3 for dogs and cats work in the skin to aid the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory processes. EPA and DHA are the precursors for newly discovered lipids called Resolvins and Protectins, which support the natural systems that control inflammation.

Cognitive function – Omega 3, especially from DHA has been shown to aid the structure and function of brain cells by promoting the natural synthesis of synaptic membranes and dendritic spines, thereby aiding neurotransmission, Omega 3 DHA supplementation plays an indispensable role in naturally supporting neuronal membranes in the aged brains.

Heart health – Omega 3 fatty acids can help to support and maintain a healthy heart. Omega 3 is helpful for reducing levels of bad cholesterol while raising heart-healthy cholesterol, Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to increase weight loss in overweight dogs.

Joint health - Omega 3 fatty acids can help to reduce the symptoms of joint problems, such as sytiffness, tenderness, swelling and discomfort. One of its main benefits is the anti-inflammatory properties which can aid joint pain.

EPA and DHA pet supplements

If you’re looking for Omega 3 for dogs with high quality fatty acids, EPA and DHA, then nutramega is highly recommended by vets throughout the UK for nutritional support for healthy skin and a glossy coat.  nutramega contains highly refined Omega 3 fish oil from sardines. The fish oil is put through an exclusive 6 step manufacturing process to extract the beneficial Omega 3 EPA and DHA from the oil and refining them to the highest quality standards. Refining the oil also removes heavy metals and other undesirable pollutants to ensure maximum purity.

nutramind also contains highly refined Omega 3s and is a natural aid for supporting brain health and cognitive function in dogs and cats. nutramind contains Omega 3 and other key ingredients such as Phosphatidylserine and Ginkgo Biloba Extract for supporting cognitive function in aging pets whilst benefiting younger pets in training and learning.

Natural support for healthy skin & a glossy coat

  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Soothes dry, flaky skin
  • Reduces itching and scratching
  • Strengthens brittle nails
  • Aids comfort and the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory processes

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Natural support to aid brain function, training & learning

  • Aids healthy brain function
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Aids training and learning
  • High strength Omega-3’s rich in DHA
  • Easy administration

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