Top tips to maintain optimum joint health for dogs

Maintain optimum joint health for dogs

It is important to maintain joint health for dogs to ensure that they can lead a happy and healthy life with you. Their mobility can greatly affect their quality of life with even the smallest of tasks like getting into the car, or bending down to their food bowl being a task.

There are a number of reasons for reduced mobility in your dog, including cold weather and old age. As dogs age, they can be more prone to joint stiffness and reduced mobility, so it’s essential to support and maintain their health throughout their life.

To help maintain their quality of life, there are positive things you can do to manage your pet’s joint health, which include:

Gentle exercise

It is important that your pet gets regular exercise to avoid stiffness and muscle wastage. Avoid long or infrequent walks and make sure your dog goes for several, short walks throughout the day. Think little and often to keep the joints mobile.

Watch their weight

Overweight dogs can be more prone to joint stiffness and reduced mobility. Excess weight can add pressure to their joints. Read our top tips to maintain a healthy weight for your dog.


Provide your dog with a warm and comfy bed. Be sure to provide them with plenty of bedding to pad around their joints. If their bed is usually on a tiled floor, move it to a room that is carpeted.

Food and water

Your dog may struggle to put their neck down for their food or water bowl. To help make them more comfortable, raise their bowls onto a small step or box.

Visit your vet

Regular vet visits ensure that your dog’s joints can be monitored. It is important to have regular health checks with your local vet to ensure your dog is receiving the best possible care.

Key nutrients

Boswellia extract is a natural alternative to support your dog's natural systems that control inflammation and helps to aid mobility, flexibility and supports joint structure. Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulphate, are also essential for maintaining healthy joints.

Alternative therapies

You could consider other therapies to help your dog, such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. These can help to increase circulation and mobility in your pet.

Speak to your vet about any of the above as your vet is best placed to monitor your dog’s health. If you are looking for joint supplements for dogs, nutraquin+, is recommeded by thousands of vets throughout the UK and Ireland. nutraquin+ is a fast acting joint support to help maintain healthy joint function in dogs whilst supporting he natural systems that control inflammation.



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