Top tips to keep pets calm during the fireworks

Top tips to keep pets calm during the fireworks

Fireworks season is a stressful time for pets, with sporadic bangs going off.

With many events being held on different nights, fireworks season can last right up until New Year so it’s important to be prepared and help reduce any stress your pet may have from the loud noises.

To help keep your pet calm during this time there are some positive things you can do:

Provide a safe space

Give your pet somewhere safe to go and hide should they become anxious from the loud bangs. This can be an enclosed crate, table or cupboard near the centre of the home, or where they have previously hidden. You could cover the sides and top to make it comfortable and even add some clothing of yours that will smell familiar to them. Let them come and go as they please.

Stay calm yourself

During the fireworks stay calm yourself and don’t react to any loud bangs, as your pet will react to you. Try not to worry and don’t get angry with your pet or over fuss them, just reassure them gently and be as normal and routine as possible.

Keep pets indoors

Keep all pets indoors during the fireworks. For cats who like to go outside, make sure you place plenty of litter trays around the house, especially by usual exit points. Make sure your dog has had an opportunity to go to the toilet before it gets dark. Also, don’t walk your dog during the fireworks, take them out in the late afternoon if possible. If they get spooked by fireworks while out, they may run off.

Reduce the noise

Muffle the sounds of the fireworks outside, by closing the windows and curtain. Put the TV or radio on to drown out their sound, especially if animals are left home alone. If you do have to leave your pet alone during the fireworks, ask a friend of family member to check on them.


Provide your pet with plenty of toys to distract them from the noise. Ignore the fireworks yourself and play with your pet, but don’t force them to play if they don’t seem interested and prefer to be left alone.

Stick to normal routines

Feed and walk your pet at the same time as normal, if possible. Any changes in their usual routine can lead to further stress or anxiety.

Comfort your pet

Sit close to your pet and stroke them to try and keep them calm. Physical contact could help to make them feel safe and reduce their anxiety. But don’t force them, if they prefer to go off on their own and hide, let them and just check on them now and again, to make sure they are ok.

Don’t punish your pet

If they misbehave or do something out of the ordinary due to stress, don’t punish them. This is a reaction to how they feel in a situation and shouting at them could lead to further stress.

Prepare in advance

If possible, find out when firework events will be taking place in your area so you can plan ahead. Speak to neighbours and ask if they will be letting them off in their gardens. Make them aware that you have an anxious pet. Being prepared could lead to a less stressful evening for you and your pet.

Use a natural calming support

Ask your vet about nutracalm, which is specially formulated to calm pets fast, without any sedative effect. nutracalm is recommended by hundreds of vets throughout the UK & Ireland has been designed to aid a quick natural response once taken, with results often evident within 1 hour of taking the capsule. 



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