Top tips for healthy liver in dogs and cats

Top tips for healthy liver in dogs and cats

Maintaining good liver health is vital for an animal’s general health and recovery.  

The liver plays an important role in the body and has a wide variety of functions, including filtering the blood from the digestive tract before passing it to the rest of the body.

The liver also detoxifies chemicals and metabolises to support itself when processing medication. Other essential functions include:

  • The liver makes nutrients and controls their release into the body
  • It produces plasma proteins and blood clotting factors
  • The liver stores vitamins A, D, K and B12, as well as the minerals iron and copper and releases them when needed.
  • It breaks down medications and exits toxic substances from the body.

To help protect your pet’s liver and maintain its health, there are some positive things you can do, which include:


Feed your pet a good nutritious diet. Avoid fatty dry foods that are difficult to digest. Your vet may recommend a low-fat, low-protein diet to help maintain your pet’s liver health.


Make sure your pet has plenty of clean, fresh water as they may experience increased thirst.


Be sure to keep up your pet’s exercise routine to help maintain your pet’s overall health as well as support a healthy liver.

Key nutrients

Silybin is a bioavailable form of Milk Thistle Extract, which has proven bioactive properties. SAMe has been shown to help healthy liver function. Turmeric is a highly bioavailable antioxidant that helps to reduce free radicals.

Remove toxins

Remove toxins from your pet’s environment. Look at taking a more holistic approach to their diet and healthcare and ditch conventional care that can lead to the build-up of toxins.

Be wary on dog walks

Keep an eye on your dog whilst on walks to reduce them eating poisonous plants or insects.


Your pet may need medication to support their liver health or you may need to change other medications to reduce toxins in their liver.

Visit your vet

Take your pet to the vet for regular health checks and vaccinations to help maintain a healthy liver.

Follow your vet’s advice

Be sure to take on board and follow any advice from your vet. They are best placed to monitor your pet’s health and ensure they receive the best possible care.

If you are worried about your pet, speak to your vet who is best placed to offer advice with regards to your pet's health needs. Ask your vet for more information on how nutramarin can help. nutramarin is a triple action support for healthy liver function, which helps to naturally cleanse the liver.





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