Dog health - Tips for caring for your dog

Dog health - Tips for caring for your dog

As a dog owner you will understand the needs and behaviour of your dog and come to recognise when they may not be feeling themselves. Maintaining the general health of your dog is important to ensure that they lead a happy life with you. dog health

Looking out for early signs of dog health problems can help ensure they enjoy a great quality of life. There are a number of things that could impact your dog's health which include their diet, weight, parasites and ageing.

To help maintain their health, here are some positive things you can do:

Regular vet visits

Your vet is best placed to monitor your dog’s health. It is important to have regular health checks with your vet to ensure they are receiving the best possible care. Regular check-ups will also help to spot any issues that occur. Your vet can offer advice on their diet and weight management etc as they age.


It is important to feed your dog a nutritious diet, which is sufficient for their age and health needs. Feed your dog at least once a day and try to limit snacks. Don’t feed your dog food not intended for them such as human food. Some foods, such as chocolate and onions can be toxic to dogs.


Your dog should have access to a fresh supply of clean water daily. As well as clean water, ensure that the water bowl is cleaned regularly.


Make sure that your dog has somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep, as well as having access to clean water. Place their bed away from a draft and add extra bedding to support stiff joints.


Keep up-to-date with your dog’s vaccinations to prevent any viral infections. Your vet will be able to offer advice about when your dog should have these.

Fleas and ticks

Use an effective flea management solution to prevent fleas and ticks affecting your dog health. Your vet will be able to suggest a sufficient solution for your dog’s health and age.


Exercise is a key element to the overall health of your dog and can help in many areas. Walking your dog is important to help manage their weight as well as reduce boredom. Keeping your dog active can aid mobility in old age as well as reduce joint stiffness. Exercise is also key to maintaining cognitive function in pets.


You should check your dog’s teeth regularly for plaque and infection. If you start brushing your dog’s teeth when they are young, this will help them to get used to the routine. nutraplaque is a 100% natural tartar and plaque remover for dogs, which provides an advanced double action formula to help aid oral health and hygiene by systemically working against bad breath, tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums.


Regular grooming can help to maintain your dog’s healthy skin and coat. Regular brushing helps to remove lose hairs, as well as distributing natural skin oils that help to make their coat shiny. Read our top tips to maintain healthy skin and coat for your pet.

Dog proof your home

Be sure to block off any areas of your home where you don’t want your dog to go. Be careful not to leave doors or windows open, where they may be able to escape. Keep items that could cause your dog harm, out of reach, such as plants, medicines and chemicals. You could use child gates to block off areas or rooms that you dont want your dog to go in.


Make sure that your dog can be identified should they get lost or escape. Microchipping is now a legal requirement and can ensure that your dog is returned to you quickly and safely.

Watch their weight

Canine obesity is a major problem with lack of exercise and a bad diet being contributors. Speak to your vet if you think that your dog may be overweight. They will be able to advise an appropriate diet and exercise regime. Dont starve or put your dog on a diet without advice from your vet. Read our top tips to maintain a healthy weight for your dog.  

Reduce stress

Stress and anxiety is a common issue in dogs. This can lead to further health issues such as sensitive digestion. If you know your dog is stressed and can identify the trigger, try to reduce any stress in your dog’s home and external environment. Read our top tips to help keep your dog calm and reduce any anxiety they may have.

Natural supplements for dog health

Considering using natural supplements to maintain the health of your dog. Many pet supplements can help with joint care, skin and coat health, as well as gut health. Ask your vet about nutravet products such as, nutraquin+, nutracalm and nutramega and nutrabio, which can all help to aid the health of your dog.


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