Do you have a stressed dog or cat?

A stressed dog or a stressed cat can be a common reason for a pet owner to visit their vet. Seeing your pet stressed and anxious can be a worry for any owner.

Cats and dogs can become anxious for a number of reasons, which can make certain situations stressful for their owner. stressed dog

Dog anxiety

Pets can demonstrate anxiety and stress in a variety of ways, for dogs this could include, trembling, whining, destruction of property and sometimes, even aggression. A stressed dog may choose to hide in enclosed safe places like under a bed/in a den. When left alone some dogs can also develop separation anxiety, which could lead to unwanted or unruly behaviour.

Common reasons for a stressed dog could include, loud noises, kennel stays, separation anxiety, vet visits, travel or even the introduction of a new pet or new member of the family. Anything that is out of the ordinary to their routine or environment could lead to stress or anxiety for your dog.

Cat anxiety

Cats can become stressed due to a number of reasons depending on their environment. Cats that live in multi-cat homes can be susceptible to stress due to sharing litter trays and food bowls etc. Other common reasons include, travel, stays in the cattery, changes to their routine or the introduction of new pets. Cats are also very territorial and could become stressed due to other cats in the neighborhood.

Signs of a stressed cat can include, urinating in the house, scratching at walls or furniture, over grooming, increased vocalisation and in severe stressful situations reacting aggressively towards people or other household pets.  As cats can be very independent, if your cat is stressed they may also hide in enclosed safe places, like under the bed.

How to calm an anxious dog or cat

If you have a stressed dog or a stressed cat, there are a number of positive things that you can do to help calm them. Some useful tips to calm your anxious pet can be found on our top tips to reduce stress for your pet page.

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