Common signs your pet may need cognitive support

Common signs your pet may need cognitive support

Like humans, as they age dogs and cats may experience a decline in cognitive function. Maintaining healthy brain function in your pet is vital to help support memory and learning abilities.

We don’t like to think of our pets getting older, but like us they are capable of having ‘senior moments’. Some pet owners put this down to old age rather than realising that there may be something they can do about it.

If you think that your dog or cat may need support for cognitive function, there are some common signs to look out for:


Your pet can display confused behaviour in the house and wander around aimlessly. They may get lost on walks or perhaps go to the wrong side when opening doors. Your pet may also lose the ability to recognise people they are frequently in contact with, or other pets.

Decreased social interaction

You may find your pet will hide away, especially if there are new people in the house. There may not greet you, which is often perceived as tiredness or being less interested or excited. There may also be increased vocalisation, or rarely being vocal at all, as well as becoming aggressive in particular situations.

Loss of prior house training

This is one of the most noticeable signs for pet owners and can be distressing for all involved. Toilet training is a key learned behaviour and can be one of the first that is lost with cognitive dysfunction.

Disturbance in sleep pattern

This is a key feature of cognitive dysfunction. Increased sleep is common, but this can often be broken in shorter periods and pets can be awake at night, when previously they were not. Again, this can be distressing for the owner, especially coupled with vocalisation and toileting in the house.

Decreased activity

Dogs and cats can be less enthusiastic to exercise and less excited by toys and other previously rewarding events.


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