Common signs your pet has stiff joints

Common signs your pet has stiff joints

As a pet owner you recognise your pet’s normal behaviour and notice if they are not their usual self. Looking out for signs where your pet needs extra support will help to manage their overall health and wellbeing.

Maintaining optimum joint health is important for your pet's quality of life. All pets can develop stiff joints, but it is more common in older dogs and cats. This can be more common in winter months, as cold weather can aggrevate joints.

Maintaining your pet's mobility can make everyday tasks such as going on walks or having a comfy nights sleep easier to perform.

There are some common signs of stiff joints to look out for, which include:

    •    Reluctant to jump up and down from surfaces or furniture
    •    Slow going up or down stairs and getting in and out of the car
    •    Stiffness when getting up in the morning or after sleeping
    •    They may lick or bite at their joints
    •    They may need their food or water bowl raising off the ground
    •    They may lag behind on walks
    •    Your dog may no longer run to greet you
    •    Your pet may seem quieter than usual
    •    They might interact less with the family
    •    Your dog may act defensively, get irritable or growl if touched
    •    Have difficulty getting through the dog/cat flap
    •    Sleeping or resting in easier to reach places
    •    Your cat may spend less time hunting or will go outdoors less frequently
    •    Your cat’s fur may become matted in hard to reach areas
    •    They may become more irritable when stroked or handled

If you think your pet may need support for their joints or your are just generally concerned about your pet’s joints, contact your vet who is best placed to monitor your pet’s health needs. They can give you the best possible advice specific to your pet's age and health needs.

nutraquin+ has a unique formula specifically developed to aid and soothe stiff joints in dogs and cats, as well as promoting mobility and flexibility. Ask you vet for more information on ways to help your dog or cat and how nutraquin+ can help.

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