Chondroitin for horses

chondroitin for horsesChondroitin for horses

Chondroitin for horses is an important natural ingredient to help maintain your horses's joint health. 

Chondroitin is a key natural ingredient which helps to maintain synovia fluid viscosity to give extra joint protection and is also an important building block for cartilage.

Chondroitin for horses can come from many sources including fish, pig trachea and bird cartilage. Chondroitin sulphate E from squid cartilage is the most ethically sourced form of chondroitin with independent trail data to support its use. Chondroitin sulphate combined with glucosamine can help to give extra joint protection and has become widely used as a joint supplement for horses.

With many horse joint supplements on the market, it’s difficult to know what’s best for your horse. On the face of it many horse joint supplements can appear good value, however many are low strength. nutraquin+ equine only contains 100% natural high-quality plant and marine sourced ingredients. It does not contain any animal derived ingredients.

nutraquin+ equine contains key ingredients to naturally help rebuild joint cartilage and restore joint health. If you’re looking for Chondroitin for horses, nutraquin+ is recommended by vets worldwide as a fast acting and effective joint supplement for horses.





Fast acting joint support


  • Fast acting - see results in 4-7 days
  • Soothes stiff joints
  • Aids mobility and flexibility
  • Supports joint structure
  • Supports the natural systems that control inflammation
  • Helps maintain your pet's quality of life by maintaining optimum joint health

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