Caring for your pets during coronavirus lockdown

Caring for your pets during coronavirus lockdown

As many of us are staying at home to self-isolate or work during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s important to still keep pets healthy and happy.

Keeping your pet happy and active whilst your stuck indoors can be challenging with many pet owners concerned about how they can look after their dog or cat during this time, when outdoor activity is limited.

Current government guidance states that it’s still ok to go outside to exercise and walk your dog but you’re advised to keep your distance and avoid popular parks or open spaces where other dog walkers may gather.

To help pet owners during this time, we offer some tips to keep your pets safe and happy:


If you’re self-isolating and worried that you’re unable to care for your pets, ask if someone could look after your pet during this time. You could contact your local kennel or cattery or a friend or family member to make sure your pet gets the care they need.


Be sure to check you have sufficient medications your pet requires. Vet practices will remain open with many offering safe collection of medications or postal services. It’s best to check first before visiting your vets.

Pet supplies

Make sure you have enough pet essentials, such as food or cat litter but do not stockpile as shops will remain open during lockdown.

Keep up-dated with your vet practice

Be sure to keep up to date with information from your veterinary practices, their procedures and opening hours during this time. Check their website and social media pages for any updates in case of an emergency. Contact them either by social media, email or ring ahead, as many practices receptions are working on different hours currently.


Make sure your pet is still getting regular exercise. Along with government guidelines, you are ok to walk your dog while respecting social distancing. If you can’t take your dog on a walk, make use of outdoor space such as the garden or follow our tips to exercise your dog in the home here. If your dog seems to be slowing down or stiff when getting up from resting, they may benefit from extra support such as nutraquin+.


Although it has been confirmed that you cannot contract Covid-19 from dogs and cats, be sure to wash your hands regularly before and after any contact with your pet. For more information on this visit

Stay calm

Despite it being a stressful time – try to stay calm yourself as pets can pick up on your stress and it may cause them to also become anxious. If you’re working from home, make sure your pet has a safe space to take themselves away to if they are feeling anxious. If your pet is anxious ask your vet about nutracalm – a fast acting support for stress and anxiety.

Read our top tips for keeping pets calm here.


Respect your pet’s space and needs as they won’t be used to having you at home all the time. Make sure you have enough high spaces for your cat to retreat to if you have more than one pet. If you have a garden, make sure it is secure so they can’t escape.

Stick to routines

If possible, stick to your normal routines with your pets, for example feeding times and dog walks. This will help your pet to get used to you being around the home more and reduce stress for them.


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