Calcium for dogs and cats

Calcium for dogs and cats calcium for dogs

Calcium for dogs and cats is an essential mineral that supports an animal’s healthy kidney function, teeth and bone health and helps their blood to clot properly.

Derived from the red seaweed Lithothamnium calcareum with its porous honeycomb structure, it has exceptional calcium bioavailability and is proven to help support renal function.

Calcium from seaweed is a vet recommended choice because it provides other beneficial minerals, primarily magnesium, but also small amounts of zinc, potassium, iodine and selenium. Calcium helps a dog’s muscles to lengthen and contract and plays and important part in essential processes in an animal’s cells.

Calcium for dogs and cats is often used alongside Omega 3s, Chitosan and Vitamin E to support renal health. An animal’s kidneys play an important role including filtering waste products, controlling osmolality and regulating blood pressure. The kidneys also keep both phosphate and calcium at healthy levels.

Calcium supplements for dogs and cats

If you’re looking for a calcium supplement for dogs and cats, nutraren is recommended by thousands of vets throughout the UK and Ireland. nutraren's synergistic combination of natural ingredients including high purity Omega-3s, aids renal function, bind toxins and supports an animal's quality of life.




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