Environmental focus

nutravet cares for the environment

Since 2008 nutravet pioneered a veterinary brand providing recycled and recyclable packaging. 

Reducing waste is key to a more sustainable planet and this has been at the very core of the company from day one.

We have focussed on reducing packaging as much as possible, each product packed in blister packs is packed with each capsule as close together as possible, resulting in less packaging required and less recycled cardboard being used. The knock-on effects mean less outer packaging required, less weight, less courier costs resulting in a more affordable, more environmentally friendly product for our customers.

We recognise that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment. As a result, nutravet is committed to continuous improvements in our environmental performance. 

Consideration will always be given to the environmental effects of our raw materials sourcing and wherever possible we will use materials and components that are and can be recycled.

nutravet is adopting a holistic and sustainable approach to producing environmentally friendly products.

Environmental benefits of nutravet products

  • Ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients
  • 100% recycled packaging
  • Do not use any land animal derivatives
  • Focused on reducing waste on packaging


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